Bunch of Characters

This is just a few scribblings for the idea I have of a television series about mall employees. Much of this is inspired by my actual experience working in a college town mall.

Jessie's List of Mall Folk*

Marcus- a 31-year-old man working at Polly's Pretzels for a living, but he used to be a chef.  What's the story behind that, I wonder?  He seems to have made friends with everyone here, and he's a big movie buff.  Probably because Polly's is right across from the movie theater.

Amy- one of the more level-headed ladies of the mall, she likes to ask questions and make observations.  Something tells me she's too boring to want to be my sidekick, but otherwise I'd say she's got potential.

Bats- a man of mysterious origin who can only be found wearing his ever-present yell0w-tinted glasses.  I think he's all bark and no bite, but he claims to be a gang member.  He works for one of the phone company kiosks, but I don't remember which one.

Miles- a man who works for Cornie's, a popcorn kiosk between the food court and the customer service kiosk.  He's a complete cynic who hates humanity, but, to his chagrin, the mall guests seem to always go to *him* for directions.

Trace- a seriously charming computer guy working as a 'genius' in McChip's tech store.  Gotta break my laptop again.

Nell- a portly middle-aged woman who works at the wellness store and lets me use the free massage chair every time.

Note to self: Keep an eye on the janitors.  The Janitor's Guild may, in fact, be more than a mall myth.  And if it were, whose side would they be on?

Other note to self: Keep adding to this list as you get to know more people.  And ask Miles, if you get the chance, if he's seen anymore crimes lately.  He sees so much.

*Jessie is making this list because, in the pilot episode, she gets robbed while working the register for the first time.  She finds out that mall cops have little power against the forces of mall evil, so, being the capricious college student she is, she decides to go undercover as a mall vigilante-- after getting organized with a few somewhat useful notes on the old notepad, anyway.

The End

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