The Mall- A Buffy the Vampire Slayer Fan-Fic.

Buffy and Willow find something very interesting at the mall in Buffy's latest adventure. Read on for blood, gore and unspeakable demons- Girly stuff, as Buffy would say.

Buffy stood there, stake in hand, ready for the kill. An ugly vampire pushed himself up from under the dirt in the misty graveyard, expecting to see no-one. But instead, he just saw a victim. What a mistake.

“What a pretty face.” The disgusting undead licked his lips, “Mmmm, delectible.”

“You’rs just asking to be dust.” Buffy retorted. Seeing the stake in Buffy’s grip, the vampire turned, intending to escape, but Buffy grabbed hold of his top,

“Uh uh, no you don’t,” She mocked, and pulled the vamp down on the stake. It tumbled to the ground, green misty dust.

“Vamps are always so easy to kill nowadays. I’m ready for a challenge.” She muttered. She wandered through the old cemetry, expecting some more action; hoping for a fight. But her wish wasn’t granted.

“Ugh,” she groaned. She knew that there would be no more mystical/ mythical action for her again that night, so she trudged home. She climbed up to her window, and slid through it, intending not to be caught by her mother. There was a knock on her door as Buffy moved toward her wardrobe,

“Buffy, are you in bed yet?” Joyce, Buffy’s mom, asked,

“No mum, I’m just getting changed.” Buffy replied,

“I told you to get set for bed an hour ago, why didn’t you? You know why you’re grounded, wanna make it another month?” Panic,

“No mum, I just, um, I was studying.” Buffy told Joyce,

“Hmm, well if it was for school.” Joyce said, and walked away. Phew, panic over. Buffy got ready for bed, and crept into her bed. Not long after that, unconsciousness took over.


In the morning, Buffy’s alarm shreiked at her to get up. She obeyed, and got dressed. She went downstairs in a happy mood, and sauntered into the kitchen to make herself some breakfast.

“Hey mom,” she called into the living room,

“Morning Buffy,” Her mother replied. Buffy shovelled her cereal into her mouth, and went into the living room. Joyce was sitting down, munching on a piece of toast, watching the television.

“You’re up early for the weekend,” Joyce exclaimed,

“The alarm went off.” Buffy said.

“Do you have plans to see Willow or Xander today?”

“No, but I think I’m gonna make some; I’m very fun-deprived.” Buffy answered, and left to dial Willow’s phone number into the house phone.

“Hey Will, you doing anything today? …Okay…Sure.” Buffy put the phone down, “Me and Will are going to go shopping for school stuff.” She knew her mother wouldn’t let her go if she didn’t do something for school.

“Okay, be back by nine, hun.” Joyce replied. Buffy skipped out of the door, after placing her empty cereal bowl in the sink. When she was there, Buffy was overwhelmed about how many people were there. Sure, it was the weekend, but this was not normal. Buffy managed to spot Willow in the crowd.

“Buffy! Over here!” Willow shouted over the babble of the abnormally huge crowds. Bufy pushed past them all to get to Willow, who was standing next to the door to a McDonald’s resturaunt.

“Whats with the crowds today?” Buffy asked Willow,

“I don’t know. Probably just some new thing on the market. It’ll soon die out. Hopefully.” She added,

“No, I would’ve known if there was a new craze.”

“Well, it will probably die down anyway, so we don’t need to worry.” Willow confirmed.

“Hopefully,” Buffy said, “Where to?” She asked,

“I was thinking maybe we could go to ‘American Stationary’ I need some pens, and this is meant to be the best stationers in town.”

“Sure,” Buffy replied. They had a hard time pushing through the enormous crowds, but they succeeded, and got to ‘American Stationers’. The doors were automatic, so they slid open, letting Buffy and Willow walk in. The place didn’t seem so glorious.

‘Wonder why Will was so excited?’ Buffy thought to herself, ‘She must just LOVE school.’

Willow pulled Buffy towards a shelf full of fancy looking pens.

‘Who cares about quality; all I need in a pen is for it to be able to write. Preferably on its own.’ Buffy thought. Willow was running over to every shelf, squealing with delight. Buffy rolled her eyes, and decided to look for some school stuff on her own.

“Only this shop can make shopping boring!” Buffy groaned,

“Of, let me have my fun,” Willow replied, “you always take me to those clothes shop; now it’s my turn!” Willow said evilly.

“Ugh!” Buffy groaned. A few more minutes of this, and she would drown in pens and other stationary. Suddenly, an eir- peircing shreik came from behind her, as everyone started toscatter out of the shop, yelling their heads off. Oviously, there was trouble. And obviously, Buffy had to stop it. Again. She ran past the shelves, and leapt over one, to find a vampire terroising a little girl, who was scraming, tears streaming down her red face. Buffy didn’t even need to think as she leapt onto the vamp, knocking him to the floor.

The End

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