Espionage and TreasonMature

Bryant threw open the door to the complex and nearly gave the half asleep guards a heart attack. His face and hair were soaked, not only was he sweating, but a steady driving rain had begun seemingly out of nowhere outside the compound. As Bryant panted and dug for the lanyard containing his ID, the guards moved towards him cautiously; they had already noted his frantic expression.

“Bryant, what the hell’s wrong with you man? You look like you’ve seen a ghost?” one of the guards, Davidson, inquired.

“I need to talk to the commander right now! Let me through!” Bryant tried to push his way past the security team but they used their las-guns to push him back towards the door.

“What the hell is wrong with you man?!” Davidson almost screamed. They had all been stressed out by the insane shifts that the commissar had imposed on them, but Bryant had always been steady headed.

As the other guard began to talk into his radio, Bryant made a lunge for him and threw the guard violently to the ground.

“Don’t! The commissar is one of them! WE CAN’T TRUST HIM!” Bryant screamed in a slightly unhinged voice. He wrestled with the guards as Davidson jumped on top of the two men fighting. They fought over the radio receiver for almost a minute when Bryant finally gained control of it and shook of the guards and hurriedly stood up.

“Stand back! Don’t do anything ok? Hear me out Davidson, we can’t trust the commissar, he’s one of them ok?” Bryant said shakily holding the receiver behind him with hands that shook violently with adrenaline.

“One of whom, might I ask?” inquired a voice behind him that dripped with malice.

Bryant spun around quickly, forgetting the two guards, and came face to face with Commissar Kulinov. He stuttered a few inaudible sounds in his surprise and terror before the two guards, overcoming their own surprise, jumped from behind him and secured his arms. Bryant shook violently and almost succeeded in getting the guards off him, but they held fast as the commissar approached.

                As Kulinov approached, he stared directly at Bryant, as if trying to stare through him. Bryant continued to shake and tried to tell the guards about his rucksack, but the commissar slapped him brutally across the face. Bryant responded by spitting in the commissar’s face. As Kulinov wiped the saliva off his face, it seemed to sizzle, almost audibly. Bryant glared at him as the commissar returned his glare ten-fold.

“Private Bryant, under Imperial Code 06961 Alpha, Class Charlie, regarding personnel conduct while stationed on an active status in the Emperor’s Unstoppable Armies, I hereby find you guilty of espionage and treason against the Emperor. The sentence is summary execution, to be carried out immediately.”

                Bryant stopped squirming and looked at the commissar with a shocked look of horror on his face that was mirrored by the two guards still holding his arms. Their grip slackened, but all interested parties were too shocked to do anything about it. Commissar Kulinov drew his bolt pistol smoothly and put the muzzle to Bryant’s forehead. Bryant didn’t have time to flinch or offer any sort of resistance before the sharp rapport of the weapon echoed in the enclosed space. What remained of Bryant’s head snapped backwards as his blood and brain matter splattered the guards and the wall behind him.

The End

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