The Malek ProtocolMature

A squad of guardsmen learns to be afraid of the dark and tries to discover the truth behind the protocol all while fending off enemies from within and without.

                Tactical lights flared into the darkness, shafts of intense white light driving away the shadows. The team moved in quietly, ragged breathing and the click of safety catches the only noise. Their tightknit formation moved slowly but stealthily down the dank tunnel as their lights probed the darkness.

“Bravo One-Two this is Echo Six-Seven do you copy over?”

The short burst of static was greeted with a wave of curses as the crack team nervously checked their surroundings. No one knew exactly why they were down here, they were only told the bare minimum. The radio operator tried to raise command again but, as with the first time, only static answered.

The Sergeant broke formation and moved next to the operator.

“Damn thing not working again?” Sgt. Chavez spat as he couched in the muck.

“No Sergeant, I don’t know what’s wrong, I just changed the cells yesterday.” The private returned while frantically performing his checks.

“Don’t worry about it son, damn things never work. And besides, command wouldn’t tell us anymore about this than we already know.” He looked around at his men and made a quick hand gesture,” Let’s Move out.”

                The rest of the squad got up from their positions in the grimy tunnel and formed a column, each of their tac-lights stabbing out into the darkness. On the Sergeants gesture, they moved cautiously around the tunnel bend.

Once they were around the bend, all external source of light was cut off and the tunnel became even more dank and ominous.


Bravo One-Two this is Echo Six-Seven do you copy over?”

The attendant at the radio station reached for the receiver but a stern voice from behind him halted his progress.

“Wait.” It simply commanded.

Bravo One-Two this is Echo Six-Seven do you copy over?”

“Sir, why can’t I …

“Wait” the commanders voice simply commanded again.

The attendant watched the receiver with remorse as static filled the room in the uncomfortable silence.

The End

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