The Making of Monsters - Dragons of Ryze 5

Kalliope has shaking with the realization that her plan had not only failed, but had rather backfired horribly as the crowd picked up a few of the skins that had rolled towards them and began to chuck them at her. One hit her square in the chest and burst, leaving a brown-green stain on her white dress that produced a horrible stench.

"Clean up mud princess!" shouted one man in the front row, who then burst into a wicked cackle.

With that, Kalliope turned and tried to push herself through the crowd on the opposite side from which they had entered. She heard people laughing and shouting ugly sounding words at her. "Mud princess!", "Scum breed!". The crowd was pushing her from all sides and knocked her around, she caught the occasional elbow to the head or chest, but she didn't care.

"People of Ryze!" she heard a loud voice say from somewhere behind her.

With that the taunts and shoves slowly stopped, as people turned their attention to her brother who had now begun his speech. Kalliope pushed her way through the crowd, tears now streaming down her face. After what seemed an eternity she finally shoved the last close-standing people apart and broke into a run as she began to sob hysterically. It was hard to see what wasn't exactly in front of her causing the princess to bump into random people, but she didn't care. Not even the insults they yelled bothered her anymore. Her stomach revolted, causing her to violently vomit in what she believed to be an alley just located just off the main road.

She didn't understand, she never did, why she was hated so much. From the moment the people of Ryze had laid eyes on her they seemed to hate her. She had been adopted by the royals to live with them to seal a treaty of peace after the terrible war between the kingdom of Ryze and that of Succombe had taken it's toll. Kalliope heaved again as the the memories she had locked away so long ago resurfaced. She had watched her family be massacred, but Aeron had saved her. Although he was too young to fight he had sneaked on the battlefield and discovered her hiding under her bed while the fight raged on and convinced his father to use her as a political weapon instead of killing her. He was her savior, her hero. The Succombe stopped fighting soon after and made a peace offering to end the suffering, and Kalliope was shipped away to her new home, where the people were pale and malicious. After another few seconds of vomiting she stumbled out of the alley in the general direction of the castle. It wasn't her fault that the war had broken out, but the hate of the people of Ryze never faded. All she wanted was to be accepted, but after today it was clear that it would never happen. It became clear to her what had to be done.


The End

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