The Mailboxes of the Literary Greats: My Letter to Ernest Hemingway

Correspondence to the famous authors in history and their imaginary replies.

Dear Mr. Hemingway,

I am a big fan of your work.  I especially love the Old Man and the Sea

I was hoping that you could give me some insight on your concept of grace under pressure.  What was the genesis of this ongoing theme in your writing?  Were you following in the footsteps of another author or was this an idea that rose up within your own life experience?

And as to the matter of style.  How did you accomplish that crisp, lively style for which you were so famous?  In particular, your use of dialog.

As to the writer's life.  What role did drinking play in your career?  Is it best to write a little drunk or a whole lot sober?

Looking forward to hearing your response to this aspiring author's query.

The River Talker


The End

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