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DEAN opens the bathroom door with a BANG and frowns at the two SAMS.






Got it!

 DEAN SNAPS the caracole case open quickly and pulls out the COLT, the only gun capable of killing any creature.

 DEAN fires hitting DEMON square in the head.

 DEMON melts into a featureless, slightly human, glass form and falls off SAM.

 DEMON Shakes on the floor for a moment before shattering into a million pieces, starting from the BULLETHOLE.

 SAM lets out a relieved sigh rubbing his neck.

 DEAN puts the gun away and walks over to SAM.


Get off the floor dude

 DEAN offers SAM his hand.


What was that?


The lady of Shallot or the maiden in the mirror, either way she was a demon that steals reflections. However, she can only keep the form until the original body is completely cold.


Does she have to kill the original?



You can’t exactly have two Sams running around. And she use’s their last breath to sustain her.


Okay gross-so you’re just going to lay there?


Give me a break dude I was just used as a wrecking ball!


What are we going to tell Becky? Two of her friends are dead.



We don’t.

 SAM climbs to his feet and they both escape through the bathroom window.


 DEAN and SAM are dropped off by a tow truck.


 -As the sunsets DEAN is working on his car and it starts up.

 -He does a little victory dance before hopping into the driver's seat.

 -The car pulls off and speeds away into the night.



The End

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