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 I’m good.

 SAM gets up and walks away scanning the dinner for any sinister faces.


So do you believe in the supernatural?


That’s a tough question I don’t really know how to answer that.


I think with a job like that it would be hard not to, you’d also have to be pretty brave too I think.

 DEMON’s hand is turning deathly pale and disappearing at the finger tips.



Come with me to the restroom yeah?

 DEMON and HANNAH get up and head to the bathroom.

 BECKY moves in on DEAN.


 HANNAH and DEMON enter the bathroom.

 DEMON goes into a STALL while HANNAH fixes her makeup in the mirror.

 DEMON watches her through the GAP in the STALL DOOR.

 Once HANNAH’s back is turned DEMON steps out of the STALL.

 HANNAH looking into the mirror doesn’t see DEMON SNEAK UP on her, as DEMON has no reflection.



Dean’s friend is kinda cute but he doesn’t talk much.


DEMON slides her hand over HANNAH’s shoulder.

 HANNAH spins around knocking her bag to the floor with a CLATTER.


(shaky laugh)

I didn’t hear you come up-

 Glances in the mirror still no reflection for DEMON.

      Or see you.

 DEMON morphs into HANNAH’S reflection.

 HANNAH’S SCREAM is cut short by DEMON SNAPPING her neck.


 SAM is loitering around looking at his device trying to read the coordinates.

 He hears a faint SCREAM coming from the RESTROOMS he dashes off in that direction.


 The device BLINKS and VIBRATES at the girl’s restroom door.

 SAM pushes open the door.

 DEMON is half way through pushing HANNAH’S body through the mirror.


Not your lucky day.

 SAM steps into the bathroom and the door CLICKS closed

behind him.

 DEMON pushes HANNAH entirely through the mirror and starts towards SAM.

 SAM reaches for his gun but it’s not there.

The End

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