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The reason for the detour becoming obvious.  


I figured as much. I kinda hoped if you had you’dve dropped by.


I’d find any excuse.

 BECKY smiles.


C’mon I want you to meet some of my friends.

 DEAN stands and BECKY wraps her arm around his.

 BECKY leads them over to her table.


These are my friends, Roxy, Hannah, and Jade.

 JADE is a hip African American with a short afro, and nice arms and back which she isn’t afraid to show off.

  BECKY (cont’d)

(to DEAN)

They’re throwing me a little welcome home party. I just got back from school.

(to her friends)

Girls this is Dean and his friend Sam.


 SAM has taken his EMF device apart and is drying off the pieces before putting them back together again.

 BECKY is hanging all over DEAN and all the girls are LAUGHING as DEAN tells a story.


(breathless from laughter)

And so I finally get to the house and at this point I’m so (more)


jumpy a Chihuahua would've scared me to death. I go to inside the house and the old man is sitting there in his lazy boy. I go Mister Morgan this locket is cursed. He goes, son, I could’ve told you that!

 The girls and DEAN LAUGH.

 SAM puts the last piece on his device and it CRACKLES to life.




What’s that?



 He turns down the volume on his device.

 No one cares about him or his device anymore and return their gaze to DEAN.

 The NEEDLE of the device is going crazy, as DEAN and the girls talk in the background, VIBERATING and POINTING ahead of SAM.

 SAM pockets the device.


I had no idea the life of an antiques dealer was so scary.


Every piece has a history and sometimes that history is-


I’m gonna grab another beer anyone want one?


I’m down.

The End

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