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Sam grabs his caracole case and hopes in the backseat of the truck.

 DEAN locks his car before hopping into the passenger seat of the truck.



So what brings you to the middle of nowhere?


     We’re antique dealers.



So what? You tour the world selling your grandma’s old junk that nobody cares about for more than it’s worth.



My name is Dean and this is my associate Sam.


Becky. What’s in the box?



It’s our—our most famous…hamster.

 DEAN GROANS miserably.

 BECKY laughs.


(to DEAN)

Your friend is cute.

(to SAM)

What’s his name?


(lamely) (more)


Mr. Hamster

 BECKY laughs once more.

 Cut on the back of the rusty truck as BECKY’s laugh trails out the window and SAM mumbles justification for the name.


 In a town that looks like it hasn't been updated since the 40’s DEAN and SAM walk out of a MECHANIC SHOP with a bag of parts.



I can’t believe this! Four-thirty is the soonest ride! We can’t wait that long.


We could walk, considering we were going push our car it doesn’t seem so impossible.


Don’t talk to me. Don’t they have like pony rentals.

 SAM snorts his laughter to DEAN’s annoyance.

 They walk passed Tom’s Dinner and DEAN spots BECKY through the WINDOW greeting her friends. SAM doesn’t see them.


I’m starving.


I could eat.

 INT. Tom’s Dinner

 DEAN and SAM enter.

 DEAN looks over to BECKY’s table. She’s laughing with her friends and doesn’t see them.

The End

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