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16 year old Richard has a great life and is popular with the ladies. He lives in a huge mansion and is rich and is the star of the football team in school. But the maid that starts working for them caught his eyes and when Richard walked in on the maid in the bathroom one day cleaning up in the shower, Richard's world turned upside down as the feelings he started to get were something he didn't expect to feel about this person that is a....boy?! But how does his parents feel about him liking a m

        Richard and his dad Christopher were driving into town to look for a new worker for their mansion. Richard just slumped back in the front seat as his blonde messy hair blew as the car window was down. Christopher was smoking a cigar as they arrived to the building called "Maid for you".  "Dad. Why do we need a maid all of a sudden?" Richard asked his dad. "Well my dear son our old maid as passed away recently if you didn't know. So were getting a new one. The maids that live here are really professional and nice so be nice to them." His dad told him shaking his finger at his son. Richard just rolled his eyes and followed his dad into the building as the first room was big and the room was full of maids sitting around. Richard felt kinda bored as he asked his dad, "Dad i'm going to go looking around if you don't mind." "Go ahead son. I'll be a while so have fun." His dad told him as he went wondering the halls. He found a soda machine as he felt thirsty and went to go buy a soda, but the machine took his dollar. "Damn machine...." He said as he kicked it. He continued to walk down the halls as he saw one of the doors were creaked open and he heard humming and his face became red as he heard that soothing voice. He couldn't help but to peek in. He saw a teenage maid with green eyes and short brunette hair. she had some buck teeth but they weren't noticeable. Richard's whole face was red but he didn't know why. 'Who is she...' is thought to himself.  "Can I help you..?" The voice he heard as he jumped, "O-oh. I-i'm sorry. Hi, I'm Richard. Richard Sanders. Me and my father are here to look for a new maid and I was just wondering around the halls since I was bored I guess.  What's your name?" Richard asked as his face was still a tad bit pink. "O-oh! I'm Kari, Kari Andoryūsu. Nice to m-meet you." Kari said feeling shy. Kari's face turned red as she met his eyes and felt kinda nervous. "Are you okay?!" Richard asked. "You look like your about to pass out!" 
"No I'm alright, I just didn't kinda expect someone like you would be this nice to me. To be honest I always thought rich people were-" "mean and spiteful? Nah, our family is the nicest we aren't like that. the last maid we had was a woman that watched me since I was born and since my parents were always busy. She pretty much took hair of me but she passed away recently. If you don't mind be asking, how old are you?" Richard asked Kari. "Well......I'm the youngest in this building so......16." 
"16?! No way! Does your parents work here too?!" Richard asked all these question from meeting someone his age. "Actually...my parents died when I was 8." She told Richard as he felt bad all of a sudden. "Oh...I-I'm sorry for-" "Don't worry it's okay! You didn't know silly!" 
"Come live with us!" 
"huh?!" Kari said from what Richard said to her. "You can stay with us! Of course your a maid but I'll also help you around the house as well I promise! Please come with us!" His race was beat red as he felt all these feelings going through his mind. "A-are you s-sure? I don't want to be a trouble to you and your family and-" "No! You won't be trouble! I actually want to get to know you! We could be friends!" 
"Richard son? Where are you?" He heard his dad coming up the hall. "Dad i'm in here! Hurry I found us someone that can work for us and live with us! She's really young shes my age and she can come to school with me and we can take good care of her! Dad please!" Richard was all excited as Kari stood there blushing. "Hello there sir. the name is Kari Andoryusu. I'm the youngest in this building. If you would like, I'll let you look at my papers so you would know and if your interested in taking me for work and-" "No need sweetie. Come on. We'll take good care of you. Of course since your young I'll have my son help you around. That's an order son okay?" "yes dad." Richard said all excited. Richard was happy to find someone to at last can be his friend that he can tell anything to. and now Kari can go to his school. Kari isn't just the maid. "she's" also a family member now. 

                They arrived to the mansion as Kari was amazed of the sight of their home. Fountains, sculptures, everything. "Wow! Your home is lovely Mr. Sanders!" "Thank you sweetie. Your not just the maid of our house. Your now part of our family! Richard ca you help her to her room please?" 
"Of course dad! Come on Kari!" He said as they went to her room. The house was big and nice. A Balcony, Media room, nice kitchen, Everything. "This is your room Kari. Do you want me to help you unpack?" He asked her. "No its okay Richard. You done enough for me. "She gave him a hug. "I appreciate everything." She told him as he had a big smile and waved her and exited the room. Kari just sat on her bed and looked around. "They're such  wonderful family." She said smiling. But when she went into her bathroom and shut the door. Getting cleaned up as she stripped down, she looked in the mirror one more time. "But how long is it going to take for them to find out about that I'm not a girl...?" he said to himself as he got into the shower and got cleaned up. Richard went upstairs to tell Kari something to see if "she" wants to go hang with him tonight while his parents are asleep. But when he opened the door, she wasn't in her room."Where'd she go?" He said to himself as he heard the shower running. "I guess I can leave her a note real quick and slip it in the bathroom on the counter." He said as he wrote down.


        I was wondering if you would like to hang with me tonight while
my parents sleep. I like to know you more so we won't be shy
or what's so around each other. 


             He wrote as he opened the bathroom door quietly  and as he opened it, his face turned beat red as he saw Kari. "Oh my god! Your a-" "Richard! Get out!" Kari said as He shut the shower curtains. "Oh my god your a cross dresser?!" "Richard please don't tell anyone or your parents!" Kari said as his eyes were puffing up with water. He fell on his knees as Richard started to feel these weird feelings. Richard shut the door as he told Kari, "Shh. Look, I won't say anything. But....." "But what?" Kari said feeling nervous. "I don't know why, even though I now know your actually a boy. why do I still have these weird feelings?" He said as he turned his back to Kari. "So I guess I'm not the only one..." He said as Richard's eyes widen. "What....?" His only words he could say, "I think I should go back to the place. I don't want to cause your family trouble." Kari said as he tried to walk out the bathroom. But he felt his hand being grabbed. "Don't go......please....." "why...?" Kari's only response tearing up. "I don't care if your a boy. I actually like you. But my parents can't know or they'll have hell with me. can we secretly date?" Richard told kari. "Well maybe you should know more information about me then. My name is actually Jēmuzu Deibisu. In american, it's James Davis. So call me James. I lost my parents when I was 7 and I always loved to clean but I actually want to become a writer one day. But struggling. The closest I could ever do for a job is this. Since my looks, i'm mistaken for a girl." As James hair is still brown but its short. James felt like he was about to burst into tears until his lips were crushed with Richards and his crying suddenly stopped. "I'm guessing my kissing stopped your crying." Richard said to James as he just gazed into his eyes.  "Your parents can't know about us Richard." 
"I know. I promise I'll keep us a secret." He said as he kissed James one more time.

The End

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