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Its another age old story for love and it's darkest depths. Falling for his best friend's ex, Josh, must over come what he feels, and do what's right, for himself, and his friends.

Chapter 1

                 As teenager’s art, pair of friends was relaxing at home, without supervision, and no curfews to keep them from trouble. The sky was dark and clear as day, where the stars shined brightest. The two individuals were a sixteen year old male, name Josh, and the second was his best friend, Shauna. Shauna was nineteen years old, and one of his closest friends he had. He trusted her, and gave her much respect, so, when his parents left him home alone for a couple of weeks, he rather have someone he loved and trusted by his side.

                His mother and father had gone on vacation for a few weeks to go camping with their friends, with a driving distance of two to three hours away.  They had given him a few rules, in which he was not supposed to have anyone there, beside himself, but he felt uncomfortable there all by himself. With her presence, he felt better, and he was able to sleep at night. It had been the first night, that they were gone, that he picked her up on his way home from work, and began their first night home alone.

                While music from their favorite playlists, they were relaxing and were becoming somewhat annoyed with nothing to do, they had decided to go onto his mother’s laptop and log into their ‘Facebook’ accounts. Josh had gone first, but there wasn’t anything going on his page, so they switched onto Shauna’s account. She typed in her e-mail address and password into the homepage of the website and clicked on the ‘log in’ button. As the page loaded, the part of the page that showed her, who was currently online, popped up.

 “Holy shit! Josh! Look who’s online!” she exclaimed, as her mouth dropped and she pointed to a specific profile picture, and name on the screen.

                “Carter Nathan Manson? Who in hell is that?” he questioned, as a puzzled look stretched over his face, causing her to respond.

                “Are you serious? You don’t remember? The guy I was half way dating when I first met you, after you and Alex started dating?”

                “Oh, shit! I totally forgot about him! But, I thought you two weren’t talking in the least, and were at each other’s throats, or at least hated each other.”   

“Well, kind of. We still chat once and awhile, but it’s whatever. We should totally hang out!”

                “Why would you want all of us to hang out? So, while I’m passed out in my bed, you two can screw on my couch?” He questioned, with an expression of discomfort came over his face. He knew the past between the two of them, and he really did not want to deal with any of their childish games. He felt that, the entire situation was a little pathetic, but would never say it to her face.

                “Of course not! What kind of friend do you think I am? I just want to hang out with two of my favorite people. Like we use to do, before all the drama, and before you and Alex broke up.” She replied, with puppy looking eyes.

                “Well, why couldn’t you have asked this a few hours ago? It’s already 1:30 am!” He replied, while trying to make it seem like her puppy eyes weren’t working on him, but he never liked her upset or made at him in the least.

                “Let’s just see what he says!” She responded, as she began typing an instant message to him, saying ‘hey sup.’

                “Really? That’s all your gonna message him, and wait for a reply? Well, to be honest, I don’t think he’s gonna respond to you!”

                Before she had a second to dispute his remark, a beep sing from the speakers sitting on the desk next to the laptop, signaling a new message. An instant message from Carter Nathan Manson appear stating , ‘hey.’ Neither of them responded, as their mouths dropped in surprise.

                ‘what r u doin? wanna kick it?’ she typed as their heart’s rate rose. Carter was one of Shauna’s long list of ex-boyfriends, and the end of their relationship had been pretty rocky. He wasn’t exactly aware of the entire situation between the two of them, but he did know that it would either help for if he brought Carter around, or it would bring up old scars for her to deal with. Yet, looking at her smile after they started chatting with Carter, he knew he’d have to get him for her, somehow or someway, but their excitement of having a conversation with Carter went silent, they began losing exciting for having Carter around.

                ‘where r u?’ Carter responded to their instant message.

                “So, if he wants to hang out, will you please, oh please, go get him?” She begged and pleaded, as she looked at him, wanting to reply to his message.

                “But it’s almost 2 o’clock in the morning!”

                “Please, oh, please!!”

                “Come on! What do you think I am? A taxi?!?!”


                “You realize this, if I do this, you’re gonna owe me big time, right?” He replied, with a stern look on his face.

                “I love you!” she exclaimed, as she stood up hugged and kissed him on the check.

                ‘hey josh will drive n come get u k?’

                “Do you really think, he’s gonna meet up with us? I’m pretty sure he’s bailed on us before, at least one or twice,” he replied, looking at her, until the laptop beeped, and they both looked upon the screen of the laptop.

                ‘ok text me on my buddys phone 8984942 n can meet up’

                ‘were on our way lol’


                “Alright, I have the number in my phone! Let’s get out of here!” she replied, as she shut the laptop and got up out of the computer chair. Josh left the room and grabbed his car and house keys, as Shauna began turning off the music in the living room, and the lights around the house. They closed and locked every door  in the house, and walked out the front door. They headed to his car, and as the climbed into the vehicle, they were out of there. Off to see the guy who they wished to see and were hoping, was actually going to be there.               


                As the two drove, music was blaring from every speaker in the car, and they both were singing along with every song that played. They were having the time of their lives, looking forward to seeing Carter. Shauna had been text messaging the phone number that he had given her, and they were having a text message conversation, and before she could reply to another message, her phone began to ring.          

 “He’s calling me!”

                “Well, answer it! God dam it!!” he chuckled, as he turned the music down to a complete silence, so he could listen to the conversation they were about to have.

                “Hello?” she answered the phone, with a smile upon her face.

                “Hey, where are you guys?”

                “Just getting into town, where are at, or where do you want us to meet up with you at?”

                “Okay, cool. I’m over on the west side of town. Wanna meet me at the Goodwill over here?”

                “The Goodwill on the west side right? And why didn’t you just text me?”

                “Yes, and why in hell would I text you for a ten minute conversation, when I could easily call you and have a five second conversation?”

                “Okay, well, we’ll see you soon then!” she replied, as the call was disconnected, and spoke to Josh, “We are supposed to meet him at the Goodwill in the west side.”

                “Goodwill? Oh, you mean the one on West 4th street?” He asked, as he looked for his exit from the interstate that would get them closest to their new destination.

                “That’s the only one I know of, except for the one on Gordon Dr.”

                “Okay, sounds good. It shouldn’t take us much longer to get there. Maybe ten, fifteen minutes tops,” he replied, as he turned the music back on, and the music’s rhyme and beats began pulsing through the vehicle’s speakers. The music made their spirits soar, and both their faces had been covered by a smile.


                The final minutes of the ride to Goodwill, was a little nerve racking for the both of them. Neither of them knew if he would show or bail on them. As they pulled into the goodwill parking lot, there wasn’t a single car there. They parked in of the parking spaces facing the road and waited in darkness. The night had gone from evening, to the early morning, as dew began to deposit themselves upon the grass and the leaves of the trees. Shauna had kept text messaging him, but had not been receiving any new text messages from Carter in the least.

                They had spent about half an hour in the parking spot, waiting on Carter to show up, but nothing had shown up. No word had been passed to them, and Josh was beginning to lose his patience.

                “I ain’t staying here all night. I told you he would bail on us!” he exclaimed, as a black 2006 Pontiac Grand Prix pulled into the parking lot. The vehicle engine roared, and came to a stop about four vehicle lengths away from them. Once the vehicle had come to a stop, the backseat passenger side door opened, and a younger man stepped out. As the door was shut behind him, and a few unheard words passed to the driver, he began walking towards them.

                Before they knew it, they could see the young man’s face, and it was the one they’d been waiting on, Carter, in the flesh. Neither of them had a word to say, except their hearts seemed to stop from the sight of him, as he opened the door of the back seat.

                “Hey guys! What did you think, I’d bail on you?” he chuckled, as he fastened his seat belt.

                “Well, can you blame us?” she asked as josh turned the engine and began backing out and onto the road.

                “You know I always arrive fashionable late!” he chuckled, as a grin stretched over his face.

                “Yeah, that’s true,” Josh replied, as they began the drive back to his house.

                “Man, you look tried. You want me to drive?”

                “Well for one it’s like 2:30 in the morning, but naw, I’m alright.”

                “Okay, just thought I’d offer.”

                The ride home was better than the ride there. Shauna had the music going, and everyone, but Carter, was embracing it. He was more nervous about josh’s Driving and the Volume. He took the exit to his house, which had a sharp-long turn. Josh was accustomed to it, and wasn’t at all nervous. As he began the turn, he scared Carter and Shauna.

                “JOSH!” they both screamed.

                “What? I take this road all the time. Calm down.”

                The ride from there was a little quieter and they pulled into his driveway around three in the morning. After going inside, he had made the executive decision that they all needed to go to bed. Shauna was not exactly thrilled about it, and carter really did not seem to care. They were up and playing music with Josh giving Carter a grand tour of his house. While they were in hisi room, and Carter was examining his anime collection he had acquired. He got his attention, and kissed him. Josh could not say a word and ran to the living room with Shauna.

                He was afraid to tell her because of Carter and her past, but she is the one who informed him that night that Carter had became Bi-Sexual in a lame story. So, he decided to give it a shot and went back to his room. There Carter was still looking at all the artwork, posters, and all the anime he had in his room.

                “Hey man. I’m sorry for kissing you, but Shauna said you were bi and ……” Before he could finish his statement Carter was nodding his head in approval.

                “Yeah, I am. Who told her that?”

                “Apparently you did, and so it’s true. So I can do this……”

                He leaned up and kissed Cater again and he returned the action before he stopped and said, “Ugh! Cigarettes.”

                “Oh, sorry. I forgot you don’t like cigarettes. Sorry.”

                “It’s okay,” he relied as he kissed Josh on the lips again. They went back out to the living room where Shauna had turned everything off and laid down on the couch to go to sleep.

                “What are you doing?”

                “Going to sleep. You said we are going to bed when we got home.”


                “So, what were you two doing?”

                “Nothing just should him my room, and my anime collection. Why?”

                “Oh, nothing, just curios. Good night.”

                “Okay, good night.”

                He went to her and gave her a kiss good night as he and carter went back to his room. They did not know what to do, since they both were wide awake.

                “Wanna watch a movie?” he inquired.


                “What you wanna watch?”

                “Some ‘Sailor Moon’?”

                “Yeah! Let’s watch my favorites!” he exclaimed as he began rummaging through the television stand looking for the correct tape. They both crawled into his bed, as the movie began with the lights on. Josh was laying on the right side of the bed and was companied by Carter on the left. Josh began singing along with the theme music as the movies started, while Carter just simply smiled.

                Again their lips meet and they kissed each other. Josh couldn’t believe what was happening. All he wondered was if this whole night had been a dream or real. When the embrace stopped, he slid himself onto carter’s Chest and began watching the movie, but a noise was outside the door and they both quickly moved away from  each other. Neither one of them wanted Shauna to find out in fear she will be angry, and as they settled down, she opened the door.

                “What you doin’?”

                “Nothing, just watching ‘Sailor Moon’. Why?”

                “Oh, just curious. Good night Carter,” she sated as she closed the door and went back to the living room.

                “Well, that was a little never racking.”


                “Oh, well,” Josh replied as he climbed onto Carter chest and gave playful punches. They laughed and kissed until, Shauna opened the door and saw them screwing around. She said nothing and closed the door.

                “Fuck!” he exclaimed as he got off the bed and went to the door.


                “”What? I’m trying to sleep.”

                “What was that all about?”

                “Oh, nothing.”

                “Hey Carter, give us a second.”

                “Okay,” he replied, as he walked back to the bedroom.

                “What were you two doing?”


                “You were on top of him!”

                “We were just screwing around. I was just punching him and having fun with him. I swear.”

                “Uh huh. I’m sure.”

                “Are you mad at me?”

                “No, I’m just going to sleep.”

                “Okay, good night,” he replied as he kissed her on the check and left her. Once back in his bedroom, he could not believe what had just occurred.               

                “She okay?” Carter asked as Josh came back into the room.

                “I don’t know. She seems okay.”

                “Okay, well, come back over here and watch this with me.” Josh didn’t say a word, but he turned off the light, and laid into bed next to Carter with his head on his chest. He leaned up to kiss him, but as he did Shauna opened the door and saw them kiss.


The End

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