Chapter 1Mature

      "Fucking crack heads," I muttered as another on walked up to me. I really hated this lifestyle, dealing drugs, but I had no choice. It was the only way to get some sort of college fund.

      "Gimme two ounces"

      "Give me $100" And we made the deal, my eyes locked onto his. They all thought the same thing; we don't have to pay, he's just a kid, we can kill him. I prove them wrong every time. Just as I expected, just as he had his drugs, he lunged at me with a switchblade. With great skill and ease, I grabbed his hand and flipped  him over my shoulder, his switchblade coming out of his hand. I grabbed his knife and held it up to his neck.

     "You fucking crack heads just never like paying do you? Just take your poison and go." He then ran away. I had better get into a good college after all this, I thought. The crack heads of Boston, Massachusetts were getting more dangerous then when I first started two years ago. I was fourteen. It was a particularly slow night.  I only made $200, a tenth of what I usually made.

    "Can you answer the question, Mr. Anderson," I almost forgot I was in my boring-ass history class.

     Hmm. What was the answer to the question that I didn't hear? I looked at the board. It was something about the civil war. Gettysburg, Robert E. Lee, but no Union general.

     "Meade." A wild guess.

     Mr. Conway glared at me, so I'm assuming I got it right.

      The day wore on, and I continued to not try and still be an average student. Then, I retuned to my shitty- ass house, that you can't really call a house because it was in the worst neighborhood in Boston, the neighborhood where I did most of my business, and it had three four rooms: the bathroom, a multipurpose kitchen and living room, my bedroom, and my parents bedroom.

     " Hello mother"

    "Hello Jacob. Rumor has it that around the neighborhood that you've been selling drugs. Is that true?"

     "No, of course not." Obviously I'm a filthy liar.

     "Okay. I trust you. Plus, you would have too much. You are probably the best high school quarter back in the state of Massachusetts!" My mother put so much faith in me I almost felt bad for lying.

     I thought I had seen it all in my criminal escapades. But nothing could have prepared me for what was to come at the football game tonight, the night that was to change my life forever...


The End

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