The Magician and The Ring

Time-bending siblings Elissa and Mercery stumble upon a magician from another universe who tells them of the prophecy that will save the world. A prophecy involving a child born of odd-time...
Suddenly, they find themselves in an adventure that they both have only dreamt of!

I yawned and looked up at the night sky. The bright stars glimmered lazily down at me. It was a beautiful midnight, yet I could tell that something was amiss.

It had been like this the last couple of nights but it always seemed to come to a peak around twelve…and tonight was the worst of dark times. Whatever was happening out there in the skies, out in those little white dots, certainly was a big affair!

I yawned again, my eyes dipping in and out my sleep, and my oval lips widening as far as they would go; I suddenly realised how tired I was from not sleeping those few nights. I promised myself that I’d stay awake though, as I needed to watch any changes…just in case.

Checking the clock on my mobile phone, I saw that it was five to twelve. But suddenly, it began to ‘brreep’ in my hand, vibrating its sounds into the distance. Out on the hilltop I’d placed myself on, there was no foliage for the sound to be absorbed into. I was alone. Yet, I had picked this place in the fields exactly for that: the perfect open space for star-watching.

It was my brother, Mercery, calling me. My brother…my younger brother by two whole years. The arrogant one who thought himself better than the rest of us. The layabout brother who did no such work, living instead off his dreams of having a better future. That was the sort of person I had to live with, that was the sort of person I’d rather have lived without. But family was family, and there was no doubt that, in a way, I needed Mercery.

“What?” I growled, opening my phone to him eventually.

“Mum wants you back at the house,” he said.

I sighed, rolling my eyes.

“Can’t you just tell her to rewind tonight’s time, and wait a few more hours?”

“She’s meddled enough today. Why do you think we’re having dinner at what would be midnight?”

Living with my family was confusing to say the least! My father was what was known in this town as a ‘time mender’, by his casual life; his profession was that of a clock mender. He took the time from the clocks and replaced them with fresh, new time. It was a complex mechanism which involved him unpinning the backs of them, letting the time-energy spill out them (into various jars that he experimented on), before he poured the new, atmosphere-collected energy from other stored jars into the clocks, which he then fixed.

Energy goes out of date too, you know. Still, his casual hobby left us with time on our hands…time that, as mother wisely said, “can be put to good use.” Of course, that time was only relative to that which lay in our house, otherwise the whole world would have gone doolally, especially as I knew that my father wasn’t the only one with handyman gifts like that! You could have said that we literally had time on our hands. Glossy time energy, soft like silk, wet like a beach, and clear like a rainbow.

So,I mused to myself as I pushed my cream-coloured hair behind my shoulders,it sounds like home is seven hours late and about to have dinner.

I chewed a long fingernail, whilst my brother moaned.

“Not back even more. I don’t know how you can be so full of energy at this time. I'm already tired.”

“Well, yes, I’m tired. But you know that I have to keep a watch of the skies. Late evenings are what comes with my work; I can live with it, why don’t you!” I paused to let the note sink into my silly brother, and then I added, “And, no, I don’t want dinner. I’ve had it.”

Mercery sighed then, and we said goodbyes obtrusively. I closed my phone with a snap, and closed my eyes along with it.

Quiet sounds of burning pulled me back with a jolt, praying I hadn’t missed what I had been waiting for. But there it was…out the corner of my eye: a fire-comet fluttered through the night, lighting up the dark air with a burning tail of blazing orange.

Not a rare sight, fire-comets were the ways of travel for strangers who didn’t live in the same universe as my family and I did. And that explained the shimmering haze in the air, the humidity that occurred every time I took a breath: the skies must have been spending days preparing for this moment.

And so had I. My mobile at the ready, I lifted it up and took a quick picture. I sent it to my brother, with the message:

Nice dinner? Haha. At least my midnight is better than yours will be.

As quick as Mercery was, he text back:

Was that the thing you were waiting for? Are you coming home now?

Ignoring his questions, my text back said:

I wonder who it was… We don't get so many ‘passers’ nowadays.

And now, it was getting late. I told myself to finally let my fatigue talk over.

The End

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