This about a wardrobe that is used to take you to faraway lands

Once upon a time a man finding that his wardrobe in his bedroom became overcrowded, suddenly discovered that his wardrobe started to expand many many miles and could now have as much space as possible to hang his belongings up.

On walking into the vast wardrobe that stretched  for thousands and thousands of miles the man stumbled upon another door. He went through this door and walked right out onto the beach 1100 miles from home, even though he was only 100 yards from his bedroom, approached through the wardrobe.

The beach was right in the land of Banarnia, the land where every forest was made up of bananas instead of trees.

he walked right out onto this beach and went inside a beach hut. He went up to the wall and a door suddenly appeared, then went through this door and got whisked into outer space, landing on the moon Dunkers, where he entered a magical castle with marble floors and vast rooms, ruled by King Sirloin. He sat on a vast chair 20 foot high and 50 foot wide.

Soon the man went through a door in the castle and landed straight back in his bedroom  where he climbed into the wardrobe from.

That night Sydney Jamjar, the man himself got into bed, climbed under the bedclothes and dragged himself to the bottom of the bed. There, he went through an arch into a magical kingdom, where he went straight into a castle, so vast that is stretched for 10,000 miles with loads of giant teddy bears and 50 - headed beasts.

The man walked into a corridor and stumbled upon a huge pool with women who  had heads all over their bodies and long tongues stretching for 20 feet, ready to grab any fish that came out of the River Smax.

The creatures stuck out their 20 foot tongues and nearly grabbed the man ready to gobble him up but escaped just in time, by climbing into a bottle with both ends. 

He came out of the other end and ended up in a bed 1000 feet long.

It was Prince Gaspian who slept in this vast bed, but he was away in Snoddia, his favorite country on a tour of the Dogacombs.

Prince Gaspian came from Snarnia.

The man crawled along the inside of the bed and landed up inside a toilet built into the bed sheets. 

It was used by the owner if he was caught short whilst in bed.

The man then flushed himself down the toilet and landed in an underground river made of chocolate, passing licorice allsorts men on the way and giant 7 - headed mice, some with beaks.

A mouse with a beak, it's never been heard of, but that's what the man saw on his travels through the chocolate river.

The river led into the Burly Sea, with fish sitting  up at tables eating their meals and trees urinating on lawns.

By now it was time to go home so the man tapped his feet on the ground and in a jiffy was back in his bedroom.

The End

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