I climbed down the ladder terrified of what may have happend.
I frantically ran all over the house looking everywhere and there were absolutely no signs of Taylor anywhere. I had no idea what to do. What would I tell my mom? And worse - Taylor's mom?
How would it sound if I just walked up to them anc said "Um...Taylor disappeared when she put on a pair of shoes."
My parents would send me to a therapist!
Suddenly, the world went blurry. I felt like I was being sucked by a vaccum off of the planet. Then  I was back on Earth - but in a whole different world. I felt like I had been in two places at once. I was standing in the middle of the soccer field at school. Alone. OK?
What was going on? I looked around. Some people gave me dirty looks. Some laughed - including a girl who happend to look alot like Taylor. The only difference was, this girl wasn't wearing nerdy, oversized glasses, she was wearing a dress and alot of makeup. This girl was also surrounded by a group of girls, also wearing too much makeup, and the most popular guy in our middle school had his arm around her. They looked as if they were about to kiss! I ran over to them as fast as I could.
"What do you think you are doing?" I shreiked, horrified.
"None of your buisness you little weasle!" Replied who I thought was my bestfriend "Now like, go stand around on the, like field by yourself where you, like belong!"
The other girls giggled, and turned away from me.
I didn't know what world I was in and how I got there, but I did know that in this world I did belong in the middle of a field by myself, looking like a total loser. All I needed to know to answer all of my questions was why this happend to me.

After school, I ran home crying.
"Mom, my life is ruined, help me!"
"Come take a seat, and tell me what happened."
Obeying my mother, I sat down at the kitchen table.

"It started when I was in the attic and I found a key with a note. The key opened the trunk with my great-great-great-grandmother's name on it. Inside were these shoes, and after school Taylor put them on and she disappeared. Then suddenly I was on the schoolyard by myself and Taylor was with the popular crowd." I told her.

"You found them." my mom whispered, with her eyes wide open.
Then she explained everything to me.

"The trunk, shoes, key and note were passed by your great-great-great-grandmother to your great-great-grandmother, and she was supposed to hide them somewhere for a future generation to find. She lived in this very house. The shoes are only supossed to be worn  by our family, and the person who wears them should get the power of time travel. If someone who isn't in our family puts them on, they get the power of choosing how their life will be for a year after they are granted the opportunity. After that, they just live life by ear. They get to chose how someone else will live. Taylor is the only one who can undo it. I don't know why she would do that to you.
You should have showed me them before you got yourself into trouble."

I burst into even more tears and ran out to the shed. I hopped onto my bike and furiously pedaled towards Taylor's house.

I could feel the adrenaline running through my veins as I pedaled down the sidewalk. I felt like there was steam coming out of my ears - I was so furious! Taylor was my bestfriend (or at least I thought so) and I wouldn't have came up with a clue of why she'd do this to me in a billion years. Seeing her perfect little self stand around acting all girly was sickening.

Just as I saw Taylor's house  up the hill, I lost control over the bike's handle bars. I shrieked, as I fell on my right arm, from wrist to elbow.  It crushed against the solid concrete, and my right knee had scraped across it. Tears started flooding from my eyes. Since I was wearing shorts, I could see that my bare knee was dripping with blood. My wrist felt out of place, and it was already turning purple. I wanted to get up and run home, but my knee hurt too much. I lay on the ground and screamed. A lady ran from out of a house on the street. I recognized her.

"Are you Julia's daughter?" she asked me. I nodded through my tears and the pain. "Come in, come in." she said kindly. Too bad I can't stand up! I wanted to say. I stared blankly at her instead.

"Oh, let me help you up!" Thanks for finally thinking of that.

All that the lady was worried about was my knee getting infected. That was the least of my concerned! My wrist was throbbing with pain, and my elbow was also very sore.

"Um, shouldn't we call my mother?" I tried to ask politely.

"Oh." she blinked. "I guess so." Well ya, you guess so! "What's your phone number?"

I told her my phone number, and she dialed the digits.

"Hi, Julia, it's Rose here, from the reading club!" She told my mom what had happened. When I blinked, or at least it seemed that fast, my mom was rushing through the door.

"Honey, are you alright?" She asked with sympathy.

"Oh, just peachy! I really enjoy getting my wrist crushed!" I said with sarcasm.

"We'd better get you to the emergency room."

My mom drove quickly (without getting any speeding tickets, surprisingly) to the hospital. After getting out of the care marched up the steps. I limped on my knee, which was still bleeding and was covered with little rocks from the sidewalk.

We walked silently through a hallway to a room that said "Emergency Room". When we got through the door, we saw a lady at a desk and lots of chairs. I took a seat in one of them. My mom talked to the lady at the desk, and then came and sat next to me, still not talking. Within about 20 minutes, a nurse called my name. My mother and I followed her into a room that smelled of soup and ointment. What a delightful scent.

"What happened, Melanie?"  she questioned me after we settled into the room.

I told her the story of riding my bike up to my friend's house.  Then I had X-rays taken on my wrist.

"Alright darling. You have unfortunately broken a bone in your right wrist, along with your elbow. You won't  be able to do any sports for 10 weeks. "

What about playing on the school soccer team? I didn't do anything wrong! It was Taylor who did it. Did I deserve this?

The End

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