When Melanie Nelson finds a mysterious note in her attic, along with an old pair of shoes, she doesn't know what to think. One day, when her friend tries on the pair of shoes, she disappears, which leads to a series of events introduce Melanie to an unknown world that changes her life. Through the ups and the downs, will Melanie go back to her average life, or stay in the unpredictable world of Frogwarts?

It was a rainy day, and I was bored. I was tired of sitting around watching TV.
"Mom, I'm bored!" I told her for the millionth time that day.
"Fine," she started, "I'll give you something to do." she said, as she crossed her arms in front of her chest. I didn't like the sound of this.
"Clean the attic." she said in a sharp voice
"You're kidding! There might be mice or bats up there!" I whined.
"Oh, suck it up! Here's a duster. Get to work, Melanie. You may find some interesting things."
I was pretty sure I wouldn't.

  I walked towards the ladder that lead up to the attic and sighed. I slowly climbed up the wooden steps and looked around at all of the boxes, trunks and furniture - I also saw the dust that was being collected on top of them. Great, this will be fun...
I started to dust off a trunk, and looked down at the lid.
"That's odd," I mumbled as I read the words. "S. Margaret Charleston". That was the name of my great-great-great grandmother. I tried to open the trunk, but it didn't budge. You needed a key to open it, I soon realized. I rumaged through many boxes and looked all over the floor. I found nothing except
for some little trinkets, dolls, lamps and some Christmas decorations.

 I guessed that I should get cleaning so I stood back up. As soon as I took a step, I tripped.

"Ouch!" I gasped, very surprised. I looked at the place I had fallen and I noticed that a board was coming of from the floor. I inspected it, and realized that there was a small box beneath it.

I was very curious to find out what could be inside the tiny box, so I quickly opened it. When I saw what was inside, I was very disappointed. It was an enevelope. I decided, why not open the envelope? So I opened it. In the envelope was a key, along with a folded up piece of paper. I opened it, and it read : 

Use this gift, that unlocks a treasure
One that will last you forever and ever
It can be claimed by only one,
So go recieve it before the oppurtunity is done.

What could that mean? I felt very confused. Then, I remembered that I needed a key to get into the trunk. Why not give it a try! With the key twisted into the hole, I lifted the lid. It was very stiff, and made a loud creek. As soon as it was opened I looked inside.
There was a very old, faded, blurry picture of my great-great-grandmother and a pair of black worn out shoes. Did I say I was confused earlier? Well, that was nothing compared to how confused I was when I found what was in the trunk. A pair of beat-up shoes? How was that treasure? I thought and thought. This was hopeless. 

The next day at school wasn't the best day I've had. We got our math tests back. "C-" it read, in big red letters on the top, right corner of the page, taunting me. My teacher gave me a glare. I didn't like Ms.Fox. The faces she makes can always make you feel uncomfortable - it is almost like she is looking into you and at your thoughts.

Ms. Fox continued to hand out tests as I shoved mine into my cluttered, unorganized desk. One thing you should know about me is that I am not the most organized person. "YES!" I heard someone say from across the room. Surprise, surprise. It was my bestfriend Taylor. She help up the test and pointed at the " A + ". I gave her a weak smile. Taylor was the smartie pants of the class. She had long blonde hair, which she usually wore in braids, and huge black glasses.

Finally, after what seemed like many days, the school day was over. Me and Taylor sat together on the bus un our usual spot - the 8th row back on the left side. Like usual, Taylor was reading some sort of book. It was usually a pretty quiet bus ride. That night Taylor came home with me. After eating mom's homemade short bread cookies and drinking milk, I told her there was something to show her in the attic, so we both carefully walked up the old ladder.

"WOW!" she exclaimed as soon as she saw the shoes. "These shoes are from the 1800s! I've seen some like these in some history books! Can I try them on?" she eagerly asked.

"Sure, I guess so." I replied. I watched her place each of the shoes onto her tiny feet. I thought I heard a mouse so I looked around, but didn't see anything. Then, I looked back to where she was standing after putting on the shoes, and she was nowhere to be found.

The End

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