The Magical Adventures of Butt FuxiaMature

Chuck Norris is in this story, he says read it or else he will come to your house and roundhouse kick your family.

Credit to Onturn7 for helping me produce this.

One day I was just sittin' in my room playing a little guitar when Chuck Norris burst in through my window. He told me to take a ride on his magical Norris beard, but to be weary of where I sit for there under his beard is not a chin, but another fist. I agreed and we rode off towards the lands of Michael Jackson. There, we met up with the idol himself! He asked us if we wanted to got his Never Land Ranch. We said sure. There we had tea with Kermit and Mario and started dancing with Michael magical unicorn of Butt Fux. And then we lived happily ever after. But then we found out that we actually ate to much popcorn and we started humping the sofa when we blacked out and died. Then we came back to life in Elvis stomach where we burst out and saved the world from tree eating aliens. Have a nice day. The End.

The End

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