I woke up early. Standing up, I brushed off my black tunic and walked away towards the river.

My name is Faven. My father is Zaylm. He is the leader of one of the two main centaur herds. My mother died after I was born. My natural color is black, but I can change the color of my horse body. My hair stays its dark color of black running to midway down my back with my matching tail almost sweeping the ground. Naturally, I'm fond of the color black. I've got my mother's eyes, green and brown hazel. I'm 16.

When I reached the river, someone was rowing down the river in a canoe. It was a thief! He seemed nervous. He kept looking from side to side. He peeked into a bag filled with sleeping baby dragons. They were like little living gems.

"Hey!" I yelled. "What are you doing with those eggs?"

He jumped when he heard me. I saw some of the babies stir. He quickly shut the bag and began to paddle faster. Instinctively, I reared up before running along the bank after him. By now, the babies were starting to cry.

I realized, since I hadn't brought my bow and arrows with me (assuming if anyone tried to get me I could outrun them or just rear up at them) I would have to run faster then cut him off in the water.

I stopped concentrating on the thief and focused on getting ahead. My being part horse helped a lot. Pretty soon I was leaping into the water. He tried to screech to a halt, but he only slowed down enough not to hurt me when he crashed.

"Now, if you know what's good for you, give me the dragons."

"Sure, better that the dragon toasts you instead of me!" He thrusted the babies into my arms and started to get away. One step brought me close enough to grab his collar with my free hand.

"Where do you think you're going? I believe you have an apology to make." I gave a sideways evil smile. He made and "uuuuuuggggggghhhhhhhhhhh" noise while I pulled him out of the water and dragged him across the ground while the canoe floated away. I was taking him back to my herd for a proper turkey truss before I went looking for the mother dragon.

"You know, you're lucky." I said as the little babies played in the bags attached to my sides. "It was only yesterday we bought this small wagon. My father must be in a good mood today to let us use it to escort babynappers like you  to justice."

He grunted irritably through the gag. He was blindbolded, gagged, tied up with his arms behind his back and legs tied to the cart.  Ropes connected his body to the cart with extremely hard knots. I was pulling the cart like a normal horse, only smarter. Bwahaha.

"Alright little ones. Calm down. Whoah!" One dark green one tumbled out and I barely caught it. I slipped it into the saddle bag again. Then I heard arguing in the distance. I cautiously peered through a veil of ivy. The arguing had stopped and there was another baby dragon with its tail wrapped around an elf, a mother dragon trying to coax it, a fairy and a giant-like man. I took one step and the mother dragon heard my hoof. She turned to me and saw her babies.

"Thief!" She screamed at me. She started stalking toward me. I put my hands up in an innocent gesture while backing up.

"Madame, I was only returning them. The thief is the wagon." I pointed behind me towards the thief. She kept her eyes on me. Crap. I reached down and put every one of the babies on the ground and they ran to their mother. I then turned myself around to reveal the thief. "I found him on the river and he tried to get away, I was only trying to reunite the babies with their mother."

"Jade, I think she's telling the truth." The fairy said. I nodded quickly. I reached down and disconnected the wagon then pulled off the blindfold so the mother could look into his eyes.



The End

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