Saria: Fire

Someone knocked on the door and just as I went to go open it I heard a roar and quickly grabbed Sky (that's what I had named the little dragon) and dashed out of the house as it caught on fire. I stared in horror at my house as it began to burn. I turned and glared at the only people there.

A fairy appeared and said "I apologize miss. I assume this is or I guess was your house."

"Yes." I answered

"Well it seems Jade was a lot rash and destroyed. Meanwhile she found her baby dragon. I thank you for taking good care of it." She smiled at me in a way that almost made me sick. What did she mean Jade had found her baby dragon? "By the way. I'm Savannah. Please call me Sav."

"Well Sav," I said hotly  "would you and your dragon, along with this boy, leave my house?! It just caught on fire with no thanks to you!" The boy looked at me indignantly

"May I help repair it?" she asked. I was so angery I didn't want to be anywhere near her.

"No! You destroyed it by bringing your dragon here!"

"Her dragon?!" the bigger dragon roared I stood my ground "I will have you know that I am not her dragon. Only a mere friend! She was helping me find my bab when on my own free will I caught your house on fire. Now will you stop blaming her? She's trying to help!"

"Please?" Sav asked me "Oh and I suggest you give Jade her baby back." I realized that I was still holding Sky. I didn't want to make Jade even more mad at me so I put Sky down and tried to push her to her mother but she wouldn't budge.

"I don't think she's willing to go." I said as Sky curled her tail around my leg. I bent down and picked the dragonlet back up. I turned back to the human. "I'm sorry I blamed you for something you didn't do." I turned back to my treehouse and almost started crying. This had been my home for a long time. Sky made a little sound and looked up at me. "It's okay little one." I said as I petted her scaly body.

The End

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