Savannah: A House?

               Jade and I were wandering through the forest when it ended at the edge of a field of flowers. We wandered through the field and ended up at a house which Jade caught on fire because she heard a baby dragon squeal in fright. Jumping to conclusions she assumed it was her baby which it happened to be. Meanwhile I went up to see if anyone else survived. There was a tall boy and an elf. Seeming I can grow I made myself appear to be a small human. The boy asked me if I knew where the city of Nonce was. "No. I'm sorry. I've never heard of such a place." I said cocking my head at him curiously. I assumed the house did not belong to him. I turned to the girl instead. "I apologize miss. I assume this is or I guess was your house."

     "Yes." She grumbled glaring at the boy and me.

     "Well it seems Jade was a lot rash and destroyed. Meanwhile she found her baby dragon. I thank you for taking good care of it." I said smiling. "By the way. I'm Savannah. Please call me Sav."

        "Well Sav, would you and your dragon, along with this boy, leave my house! It just caught on fire with no thanks to you!" She yelled.

       "May I help repair it?" I asked innocently trying to be friends. I had never been this far away from home since my flower patch was in the other direction.

       "No! You destroyed it by bringing your dragon here!" She yelled.

          "Her dragon?!" Jade roared. "I will have you know that I am not her dragon. Only a mere friend! She was helping me find my baby when on my own free will I caught your house on fire. Now will you stop blaming her. She's trying to help!"

          "Please?" I asked.

The End

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