Eamon: The meadow

The last thing Eamon remembered was walking along the traveler's road en route to the large city of Nonce. The next thing he knew, he was laying in a patch of flowers which sung quietly to themselves. Disgusted by the cheeriness of his new surroundings, eamon stood and destroyed several of the blooms which screeched in pain as they perished. Wiping his sturdy black boots, eamon turned hoping to see something beyond this blasted patch of flora.

"Drat, be there no roads or town here?" He mumbled as he clomped off through field. Of course, since this was the land of Magic, a path appeared before him. Eamon was not a man with a single lick of magic in his body, so he simply chalked the sudden appearance of a road up to his bad eyesight. He was a tall man with a trace of giant in his veins which made him even taller yet. Standing at 6' 8" he had been the tallest man in his village and by far the scariest. He was known to have random fits of rage for any reason. Stub his toe? That might elicit a fit of rage that would destroy several trees. Lose a game of polker? Well then, say goodbye to your table.

For all of his bad parts, he was quite handsome. His cheekbones were high, his eyes were a stunning shade of green, and his lips were almost as full as a women's. Eamon's hair, of which he was quite vain, fell almost to the small of his back. To keep it from harm, he wore it in a leather sheath.

But yes, enough about eamon's looks, back to him walking this mysterious path. Eamon had been walking for quite some time when he came to a small house. Curious as to whether the owner of said house would have directions on how to reach Nonce, he knocked thunderously on the door and almost broke the poor thing off its' hinges. In response, he heard several squeaks of terror from what sounded like a small animal.

"Ho there!" He shouted. " I am in need of assistance."




The End

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