Saria: The Egg

I had just been walking in the meadow when I found the egg. I have no idea where it came from but I found it so I took it home. Maybe I should tell you about myself before I go on.

My name is Saria and I'm an elf. Not one of those really short ones. I have long silver hair and gray eyes. I look about sixteen years but of course I'm way older than that. I'm very good with a bow and dagger. I live alone in my tree house in the forest next to the meadow.

So when I got the egg to my house I looked at it. Then it started shaking. It was hatching! After a little bit a baby dragon rolled onto the table. It was a beautiful shade of blue.

"Where did you come from little one?" I asked even though I was pretty sure it wouldn't answer.

The End

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