Savannah: The Magic World

                My name is Savannah. People may call me Sav. I'm a fairy. I wear green shorts and a blue shirt. I have flaming red hair that flows to her knees.and sea blue eyes. I'm not very large and normally found in the flower patch.

           I'm flying through the flower patch when arrive at my house. I walk in and sit down. Not a lot in it. Just some furniture. I rearrange some of the furniture and fly out. The sun is shining, it's warm, there's a slight breeze, and the flowers smell amazing. I sniffed. "Ahhhhh." I sighed. "A beautiful day." I fly off and sit down on a flower petal where I bathe in the sun.

         A few hours later I got up and went to the forest. I walked around for a little while when I ran into a dragon. Being as little as I am I wanted to just keep flying. Instead, I stopped. It noticed me and roared. I jumped even though I was in the air. Then I noticed it was sad. "Hey big guy. What's wrong?" I asked.

         "Some human stole one of my eggs. Please, can you help me get it back?" She asked She had dark green scales with a little tint of gold. She was huge. Her great big wings were a perfect golden color. She was beautiful. She had gold eyes with a green rim. They were gorgeous.

          "Wow. I'm sorry. Of course I will help you. My name is Sav." I said sympathetically.

         "Thank you! My name is Jade." She smiled pleased with my choice. She stood up and started walking. I flew right behind her.

The End

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