Hi, my name is now Edward because I don't know my name. I woke up in a field, the grass taller than I was. I heard galloping near by. I stood up to see a HUGE man with the body of a horse!

"Wha-?" I said, then he noticed me, saying, " Hello little one," Ruffling my pigtails in a mess.

"What beautiful hair and eyes you have, little one." I nodded in amazment.

"What are you?" I asked tilting my head alittle. He laughed out loud for a few seconds.

"Me?" he asked, "I am a centaur, infact I am the 'king of the centuars'!" He started to laugh again only in a quiet chuckle.

"Looks about five maybe," the centaur wondered for a few more moments.

"I'll call you Edward, because you remind me of someone I once knew." He put me on his back and rode off.

The End

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