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There is a place so very different from ours and so very far away from this droll, lifeless world we call our home. I never thought a place so pure could exist, untouched by the greed, selfishness, and corruption that plagues our world. Whether I stumbled upon the entrance to this world by pure chance or be it by fate, I do not know, but I find myself forever changed because of it.

The lush, green rolling hills dotted with flowers of every color imaginable that went on for miles under a sky so blue it could rival sapphires. The mountains of purple in the distance that stretched so high they seemed to pierce the very heavens. The forests so thick one could mistake it for night despite it being the middle of the day. The oceans of crystalline waves that beat against the sparkling white sands of the beach.

But what made this world so different and wonderfully special compared to ours is that magic truly exists.

I have seen dragons with scales as beautiful as gems rule the skies. I watched as elves protected their forest homes with their lives, yet are still kind enough to shelter and wisdom to a special few. I walked the grasslands with the snake people who roamed there. I’ve even been drinking with some dwarven miners, which didn’t end well for me in the end.

The stories I could tell about this I rode on the backs of mythical beasts; how it felt being courted by handsome princes; how I grew to be friends with sweet-hearted elven princesses; swimming with mermaids, they just go on and on.

However, there is never such a thing as a perfect world.

Even in a time of such peace, one lonely kingdom grew restless.

Deep within the mountains laid the kingdom of Araech, a small kingdom ruled by a man by the name of Cyrros along with his young daughter Faye. The king was once such a kind, understanding man who only wished to give his people and their princess the happiness they deserved.

But then she appeared.

Celissa Valencia. A powerful young temptress who snaked her way to becoming Cyrros’ royal advisor. She sought to use the power Cyrros used to bring goodness to his kingdom to be used for her own selfish greed. So little by little, bit by bit, Cyrros began to change. With Celissa’s guiding hand, his heart began to harden until finally, the kingdom was under the iron fist of their rule, controlled by fear and violence. It was only by the good graces of his young daughter Faye that kept her father within the borders of his own kingdom.

However, it seemed even her best efforts were not enough to stop the young king's new thirst for power.

Cyrros, desperate to fill the void he felt inside him, he searched for ways to expand his reign to the far flung corners of the world. The months went by yet he was unsuccessful with his least until he found the one thing that could change that…

My world….

How Cyrros found the gateway, I will never know, but he did...and found only devastation beyond the doorway….and was overjoyed. He began preparing troops to send through to retrieve the weapons so that he could bring the world to it’s knees.

A brutal and bloody war broke out as the remaining eight kingdoms of the world fought with everything they had to keep Cyrros and his army of mages from crossing the bridge between worlds. Many innocents died as armies marched through, burning down entire villages, slaughtering anyone who was even thought to be the enemy, even sending harpies to ravage enemy camps; anything to slow each other down. After years of this needless onslaught, the war finally ends...

But at the cost of the princess of Araech’s life.

King Cyrros, quickly succumbing to depression, abandoned the war and locked himself away in the safety of his castle, but not before swearing to avenge his daughter’s death.

I couldn’t let another war like that happen again. I just couldn’ I left that world behind, letting it close forever behind me.

I hope it was enough.


a note is scribbled at the bottom of the page


I saw her. I saw her! It can’t be her...can it? No, she died! I saw it! So how can she look so much like her??


Has she returned?


This is bad. Very bad. The seal is weakened enough as it is, but if she were to find it…

What if she made it through….?, no, no. She can’t ever find it. I’ll make sure of it…


excerpt from the journal of J.M


The End

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