15 - Demon?Mature

Neither of them followed me, they probably thought it was a mood swing or something. They were wrong. Bronwyn was in danger, for the rest of her life. Or mine, whichever ended first. Drinking and not draining her was the worst thing possible.

I was now focused entirely on her. Every single second she was around me she was in danger, especially when she was sleeping. It only happened to a couple of Vampyres - they were called Vorri. I was one of them. And one of the worst.

I wandered through the trees in silence. It had been years since this had happened to me; I didn't know what to do. I couldn't ask Cosmo for advice, I'd never told him, and I didn't want him to know. What would he think of me?

Nobody knew I was a Vorri Vampyre. By giving me her blood, Bronwyn had signed her own death certificate. I had to get away. But where was I meant to go? Then it struck me. Home. My real home, the place I was born. It wasn't far from here. But it had been 300 years. I'd been the Lord's daughter; there were paintings of me everywhere. But my hair wasn't red in the paintings; maybe I could get away with it. And off I walked.


The town was so different. There was concrete where there had been dirt. The houses were brick, not wood. It was so different, so alien. Yet I felt like I was home. I was sat on a bench in the old market square. There was a fountain in the centre where the town crier used to stand. In the fountain stood a statue. I couldn't make out anything of it, except that it was a woman. It was too eroded and worn.

It was nice to be back and not have the nanny following me everywhere. She had always been so worried that someone was going to kill me. But she'd never expected the threat of a Vampyre, had she? I'd snuck out that dark night so long ago. I just wanted to leave the castle. So I did. I went to the market square, where a figure stood shrouded in a cloak.

The figure had turned and left, that piqued my curiosity. I followed the figure quietly as it walked to the woods. I followed the person deep into the woods, further than I'd ever travelled. I found myself loving this mysterious stranger, whose face I hadn't seen.

The person had stopped in the middle of a clearing. I'd slowly made my way towards them. When I was right behind them, they spun and whipped the hood back and bit me. I was confused and dazed. I didn't fight although I could have, at first. After a few minutes, I was nearly dead, I could feel it. Then the man cut his wrist and put it against my lips. After that, he finished with me, draining all the blood from my body. Then I was dead.

I smiled as I was reminiscing the first night I'd met Cosmo. When I woke up he taught me everything. He told me about the Vorri Vampyres, but never suspected me to be one.

I was so caught up in my own thoughts that I didn't notice the woman on the other side of the market place.

"You," I heard someone whisper.

I looked up to see the woman. Her hair was brown and her eyes blue. Her face was white and her hands shook. She slowly brought an accusing finger up at me.

"D-demon," she murmured.

The End

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