14 - Not a good idea...Mature

I felt something cold and slippery around my wrists, which were behind my back. I couldn't see anything. I couldn't hear anything. I couldn't smell anything. I opened my eyes, to no avail. I rub my ears against my shoulder, still nothing. There wasn't anything I could do about my nose.

I felt a hand on my shoulder. I turned my head uselessly - it wasn't like I could see who it was. I felt the cold, slippery things crawl away from my wrists. Someone tilted my face towards them. I could feel my eyelashes against my skin; my eyes were open, there was just no vision to accompany them.

I pulled my hands from behind my back and pushed the hand away from my face. The person kissed me. It must have been Cosmo; Bronwyn wasn't likely to kiss me. Hopefully not, at least. Cosmo stroked my cheek. My tongue felt heavy but I tried to speak.

"I can't see, hear or smell anything." Although I knew it hadn't come out properly.

Cosmo pulled me into his lap and started stroking my hair. I felt weak, like my limbs had been stretched and I'd been forced to run a marathon - in that order. I didn't like it. It meant I was helpless against attack. Someone else pulled me out of Cosmo's lap. Cosmo put his hands underneath my arms, holding me up.

He slowly pushed my head forward. I was too weak to resist. I felt my lips touch somebody's skin. I tasted blood on the warm skin. I clamped my lips and started sucking instinctively. I felt Cosmo's hands slip from under my arms and I was able to stand alone.

My arms moved of their own will, one to the person's shoulder and the other to around their waist. Slowly I started hearing noises again, muffled but still noise and for that I was grateful. After a few more seconds, I could smell the blood. The noise in my ears slowly sharpened, becoming understandable.

"Another minute. Please," Cosmo begged.

"One more minute, that's all," said a voice.

"Thank you for this, Bronwyn," said Cosmo.

Bronwyn?I thought. I pushed away the person before me and opened my eyes. There stood Bronwyn, strands of her hair sticking to the blood oozing from her neck.

"Bronwyn?" I asked, my tongue not feeling as heavy.

I turned and looked at Cosmo. He was smiling with relief about something. I looked back at Bronwyn. She was wiping her own blood off her skin.

"What's going on?" I asked.

"You were dying," Bronwyn said bluntly.

"What?" I asked, confused.

"You were dying of blood deprivation," said Cosmo. "Animal blood will only keep you going for a day if you're lucky. You need human blood. And so Bronwyn was prepared to give you some."

"That wasn't a good idea," I said.

"Oh, don't worry, no need to shower me with gratitude, no problem," said Bronwyn sarcastically.

"It wasn't a good idea, for your sake," I said to her.

It was about midnight, it must have been. I turned on my heel and walked quickly out of the clearing.

The End

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