13 - Consumed by darknessMature

The sun was setting, a sight I hadn't seen in quite a while. Then I remembered Cosmo. Had that been a dream? No, I felt his arms around me. I moved closer to him on the thick branch we'd slept on.

"Morning," he said quietly.

"Evening," I replied.

"It's morning to us."

"Doesn't mean it's not actually evening."

"Your logic is outstanding," he chuckled.

"Blaze!" I heard someone shout. That was Bronwyn.

I tapped Cosmo's arms and he released me. I walked alone the branch and found a gap big enough to fit through. I stepped onto the empty air and fell down. The hard-packed soil was rising towards me. I locked my knees and brought my legs towards me slightly. I hit the ground, a shockwave travelling up through my legs. I stood from my crouching position.

"There you are," said Bronwyn seeing me.

Cosmo fell behind me. He came and stood beside me, linking his fingers with mine.

"Oh, hello again, Cosmo," said Bronwyn.


"Been here long?"

"Only found Blaze last night. So not too long," he said.

We stood in awkward silence for a while. Bronwyn saw the ring on my finger. Her eyebrows knitted together when she saw the faintly glowing jewel. She looked at me scrutinously.

"Your ring has magic in it. How?" she asked, likeIwas meant to know.

"You're the necromancer; I was hoping you'd tell me." She nodded.

"You haven't been trained at all, yet your ring is fuelled. We have a prophecy about one with magic so strong they need no training, the Diwedd y Byd."

"And what is the prophecy?"

"If you understand Welsh, you don't need to know the prophecy."

"Why not?"

"'Diwedd y Byd' is Welsh."

"And it means...?" A small smile appeared on her lips.

"It means: 'End of the World'. I have a feelingyou'rethe Diwedd y Byd. Blaze, you're going to end the world as we know it."

And for the first time in a long time, I fainted.


I woke slowly. I was sat upright with my back against a tree. That's all I knew for a little while. Then, as my hearing crawled slowly back, I heard quiet talking. Cosmo and Bronwyn. I didn't hear the words; it was just babble to my ears so I ignored it. My sense of smell came next, I could smell tree sap and I could smell Cosmo's scent on my skin.

Finally I opened my eyes, slowly. I could see outlines and shapes, and a little bit of colour. I forced my eyes fully open. I could see more now, I blinked several times to clear my vision. I could see Cosmo and Bronwyn sat on the log. They were still talking and I still couldn't hear them properly.

I turned my head slightly. The light was slowly fading. The trees stood tall as always and they cast faint shadows on the ground. I moaned softly and I saw the outlines and Cosmo and Bronwyn turn. Cosmo jumped up and ran to me. He took my hand and helped me up.

He slowly let go of my hand and my legs shook and gave way. I lay in a heap on the floor and the darkness consumed me once more.

The End

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