11 - ShadowsMature

I slipped the dark ring onto my finger. It was cold and heavy. I felt the metal drop in temperature when it touched my dead skin.

"The ring is what you use to wield the power. The magic can reside in any object but it's easier with a ring at first. Later on you can move it into something else," Bronwyn said.

"How do you know I can actually do magic? You were the one who said I might not be able to do it," I answered.

"I had to forge the ring with something of you in it. That's what the hair was for. The hair would have just burned without some magical quality and texture to it. You can do magic, it's just a question of whether you're able."

"What does that mean?"

"Well, just having magic doesn't mean that you can wield it. Some of the students we had in the Temple had the magic but couldn't use it."


"The Temple we were from before we lived with you."

"If you belonged to a Temple then why did you come to us?" A small smile spread across her face

"I killed someone. The High Priest in fact. I was banished and my students came with me."

"They're all your students?" I asked, amazed.

"Yeah, when we moved in I wanted to lay low so I let Raul take over."

"Probably a good idea. Why is the ring so cold?" I asked her.

"The temperature of it changes sometimes."


"The colder it gets, the more death is around."

"So it's absolutely freezing because...?"

"You are dead," she said bluntly.

"Ah, I see. That makes sense."

"Yeah. I'll start teaching you tomorrow night. I'm going to go to sleep now. I spent most of today making sure you were all right after the full moon."

"Thanks for that by the way."

"No problem. Good night." And with that she left.

I still don't know where she went. I sat there, thinking about the ring. What could it do? I imagined how powerful I could be with it. Very powerful, I thought. I twirled the ring around on my finger. It was so cold it was boiling.

I looked deep into the misty jewel. I felt something connect and then it felt like something was being pulled out of me from my very soul. My hands shook and my leg twitched. I fell backwards off the log and curled up into a ball. I lay there, in a fetal position, shaking.

Eventually my shaking stopped and I straightened out. I sat up, resting against the fallen tree. I looked at the ring on my finger. The metal seemed blacker and heavier than it had a minute before. And the jewel was glowing now. The light coming from it was laced with black and it seemingly throbbed.

I felt something deep down. I grabbed that feeling by the neck and brought it to the front. I examined it closely and realised what it was. I could feel how the air all locked together. I could feel the shadows in the darkness. It felt like some sort of bubble. I pushed the bubble outwards and I felt... Well, what I felt was indescribable but I'll try.

I felt, sort of, lighter, like I was floating. I splayed my fingers out and moved my hand sideways in front of me. I saw something crawl along the soil. It was dark and clumpy. It was a shadow.

A small smile spread across my lips. I was a Necromancer.

The End

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