8 - I AM dead, stupidMature

I woke with the sun on my face. For anyone but my kind it would have been a nice feeling. For me it just burned. I wriggled and shuffled but my legs and arms were tied down.

"Well, well, well, what have we here? A scared little girl just looking for her mummy? Very pale aren't you girl?" asked a voice. It was hoarse and cruel. I didn't answer.

"Not talking, are we, eh? I just want to know what you're doing in my trees. Not too hard for a little girl now is it?" It was a male voice. It was coming from behind me.

"You ask too many questions," I said to him sharply.

"So, you are from around here then," he chuckled, hearing the Scot within me coming out like it did whenever I was angry.

My eyes were closed and my head bowed. I was desperately trying to think up an escape plan. I didn't even know who my attacker was. That would have helped. He walked slowly in front of me but I didn't dare open me eyes in case he wasn't... human.

"I once knew a girl with your hair. Well it wasn't always that colour, it changed one night, all of a sudden. She came home from these here woods and her hair was red. Red as freshly spilt blood." His voice seeped with the thirst for killing. "She was a nice enough girl. Never saw her after that, the family searched for years but fruitless it was."

"You talk too much," I said.

"The girl was about your age too. She was always getting into trouble. People thought her the Devil Incarnate because of those eyes of hers." I opened my eyes and raised them to him.

He looked down at me and his mouth turned down, whether in horror or distaste at my return.

"Her green eyes... Oh, God, it's you isn't it? But you should be dead, long dead," he muttered. His own eyes were wide, he wasscared.

"What was it you never told me then, Lakyle? What's your secret? You should be dead too."

"I'm a dryad. Nymph of the forest." Of course he was, I should have known.Hiswoods. His voice was little more than a whisper. "You should be dead."

"I am dead."

His eyes widened further in realisation. They looked like they were going to pop out of the sockets.

"Vampyre," he murmured.

"Indeed, Lakyle. And if you don't mind, I'd like you to let me go before I burn," I said in a level voice. He shook his head. "Need I remind you its full moon tonight? I'll have nothing to do. I'll have to come and get you, Lakyle. If only there was a way to stop me tearing your throat out. Oh wait, there is: let me go."

His face paled as he remembered the full moon. My powers would be fully released and my human form would snap, giving way to the monster underneath, my true form.

"I don't want to have to kill you, but I guess you'll leave me no choice," I sighed, as if it really bothered me.

He snapped his fingers and the bonds around my hands and feet were gone. I launched myself at him. My fingers curled around his neck and I snarled. It was animalistic and instinctive.

"Don't search for me. If I'm in the trees, leave me alone," I growled. I released his neck and he gasped for breath. "I've missed you, Lakyle."

I turned and jumped from the tree. I unlocked my knees and just before I hit the ground, I rolled, coming up on my feet. I glared back at roughly where I had dropped from. I saw something flicker and I turned and went to find some shade.

The End

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