7 - Dreams, or lack thereofMature

It was dark, growing darker still as the night slugged on. The temperature was low, even around the real fire Bronwyn and I had created. That didn't bother me, I was already dead. I had no blood in need of warmth, no working lungs that needed draw breath and no working heart. Even if my heart had worked, it would have been black and cold. According to many, vampyres had no soul.

I often found myself wondering about this late at night, whether I was prowling the streets looking for prey or lying in bed waiting for sleep to whisk me away. I had never had time for philosophy while I was alive but now that I was dead I had too much time in which to be philosophical.

I looked at the trees that surrounded us, the necromancer and the vampyre. An odd duo by any standards. The trees were tall and stood like guards stood watch over a dangerous criminal, a murderer perhaps.

Bronwyn was explaining the beliefs of necromancers. They believed that when the Rapture comes, the wall between life and death will collapse. They wanted to harness the power of the dead, use it to become as powerful as possible. I wasn't actually listening to her; I'd just heard the necromancers speak about it in the house.

She finished speaking. I stood up and turned to one of the trees. I tipped my head to the side. I bent my knees and sprang at the bark of the tree. I dug my nails into the wood as I hit it. I was hanging there, just by my hard nails, about five metres above the ground.

I looked down at the ground below me. It looked much further away than it really was. A manic laugh escaped my lips. I'd always enjoyed climbing; it'd been a long time since I'd done it though. I sprang up the tree, pushing off with my feet and pulling down with my fingers.

I continued up the tree, gaining speed and momentum until I was at the top. My head popped through and I saw the moon glittering off the dew-speckled leaves. It was beautiful. I crawled back down a bit, back into the twisting maze of branches. I came to the edge of one labyrinth and leapt into another.

The wind whipped through my hair and against my skin. I laughed with pure delight. I caught a thick branch and hung there till the shaking of the tree limbs stopped. I shuffled through the branches and twigs. It was like an underground set of tunnels where you had no idea whether you were going in circles or not, except in the tree canopy.

I came across something that looked like a chair. I sat on the twist of branches, making sure it was sturdy. It held so I relaxed into it. It was really quite comfortable. I saw some shadows moving around, searching for me. They found me and wrapped around my wrist. I tried to shake them but they clung until they realised I was moving. Knowing I was safe, they left the tree tops and went back to their mistress.

I soon fell asleep and drifted into a dreamless sleep. Not that I ever had dreams of course.

The End

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