6 - Shadow-fireMature

We were in a forest, stood in the dusk light.

"Where are we?" I asked her.

"Perdus Forest in Scotland. You were thinking of it," Bronwyn replied.

I nodded. "This is where I first met Cosmo. It was around this time of day actually. 347 years ago."

"I heard you had sex with him," she said.

"No, we didn't, not that I remember anyway. There was just kissing. Lots of kissing. Lots and lots of kissing now that I think about it."

She smiled. "Do you love him?"

"I... I don't know, I guess I do."

"Then why are you leaving him?"

"I don't know. I just feel I have to. Brooke's ruined everything. She always does that, whenever she can,"

"Then why not kick her out?"

"Can't. Against Vampyre Law. There are only two Laws. Number one, you can't kill another vampyre, and number two; you can't kick a vampyre out of the coven.Soannoying sometimes. Especially number one. But I've not met a single vampyre who hasn't broken that Law."

"Really? What about you, have you broken it?" she asked.

"I've met myself haven't I?" She understood what I meant and nodded.

"Nice to know I'm alone in a forest with someone who kills her own species. Very comforting." I smiled.

"What about you though? Have you ever killed? I know you don't have laws like that."

"Only once of my own accord, but my magic feeds off death." She held up a hand, showing the metal, black ring. "So I guess that counts."

"Probably. How long did it take you to learn necromancy?"

"A month to learn the basics and another six to learn the advanced stuff, like resurrection. Why?"

"What would you say about taking on a student?" I asked slowly.

Her eyebrows shot up. "You want to learn?" she asked.

"It would be cool."

"Is that why you brought me with you? To teach you?"

"Of course not. I didn't want to be alone and I like you, so I asked you to come along."

"All right then. I'll teach you if you're ready to learn. But only a few people can perform magic at all, if you're not one of them, it's not my fault."

"OK, I won't blame you. But I do need to know something. Are you mortal?"

"Yes, I have blood in my veins and a heart in my chest. I know why you want to know. I can look after myself; I don't need you protecting me from yourself."

"I don't doubt what you say. But the full moon is tomorrow night. Can you save yourself then? When I'm naught but a monster, without even recollection of my human self? Not even a human form, just claws and fangs and a power to rip through any material. Will your shadows save you then?"

She paused a while before answering. "I'm sure they will. But let's not dwell on such dark matters."

A felled tree lay on the ground a little way from us. Bronwyn saw it and struck it with the shadows that played in her hair and through the fabric of her robes.

The shadows struck and they burnt black, casting a hazy light through the growing night. I felt my power surge as the night came. The moon shone darkly down but not much of the light made it through the canopy of the densely-packed forest.

We neared the shadow-fire and the temperature dragged itself higher. It was going to be a nice night.

The End

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