Inside Enemy Castle

“But how are we going to find Celeste in such a big castle?” Emily asked.

King Edward chuckled. “Don’t worry about that.” He dismounted once more, and cupped his hands around his mouth. “Celeste!” he called, his voice reverberating off the high towers.

Emily watched for a flicker of golden hair, sceptical. Gradually a soft, beautiful sound began to resound from somewhere within the castle. “Follow that melodious voice!” Edward commanded, dramatically. They ran into the castle, which was not heavily guarded because it relied on magic for protection. They climbed many winding steps and listened through many closed doors, until they finally found the source of the music: Celeste’s ketchup-coloured lips.

She was running, too, away from her kidnapper, Prince Doug. Celeste quickly hugged her father. “We have to move fast.” She warned between gasps for breath. “They will raise the drawbridge!”

Suddenly Prince Doug entered the torch-lit hallway in which they had congregated. “I have your horse!” He announced proudly. “Now, you are all my captives!”

“No!” shouted Celeste. King Edward reached for his sword hilt, but the prince was too quick. They were in dungeon cells before he could even pull it out of its sheath, the king in one cell, the girls in another.

The End

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