The Riddle

Emily heard a crashing noise that sounded like the king bumping into a decorative suit of armour. “Where is he?” boomed the king as he stumbled again in the blackness. “I’m not using good taxpayers’ money for–”

“Your highness!” interrupted Emily. She explained that Celeste was missing.

The king was very confused. "But why would someone kidnap my daughter?"

Emily cleared her throat.

"Oh, yes. I suppose there are a million reasons to kidnap Celeste. But who would do such a thing? And who would know about the fluorescent..." Immediately King Edward saw his mistake. That two-faced brat!” he shouted, “If he harms one golden hair on my daughter’s head, I’ll—”

“What do we do now?” asked Emily, frightened.

The king softened. “Prince Doug is probably taking her home to his kingdom. We must go and bring her back.” The king called his guards to fetch his most able knights, who rode off proudly into the night, but Edward knew they wouldn’t get past the magic gate that separated the two kingdoms.

“They are no longer protected by the kingdom’s magic,” King Edward sighed, hopelessly. “How could I be so foolish?”

Emily found his arm in the darkness and patted it encouragingly, when suddenly a very loud voice boomed like thunder through the castle:


Magic will appear in times like this

Its powers now hidden and easily missed

In time of need, remember this list:

A song, a smile, and truest love’s kiss


 “What does it mean?” asked Emily.

“It means we must go after Celeste ourselves,” King Edward said dutifully. “Will you come with me, Emily? I may need your help.”

Emily nodded, then remembered that it was too dark for the king to see her. “Yes, I’ll help you,” she agreed, “we must go save Princess Celeste.”

The End

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