The Princess is Kidnapped

Emily and Celeste had still not remembered to warn the king. The two were gazing into the magic fountain in the center of the garden, splashing each other and laughing and having too much fun to worry about fluorescent lights. Then, when dusk fell, they lay back in the cool grass and told each other stories about the constellations they recognized.

It was getting late and Emily was feeling very sleepy, when Celeste noticed clouds on the horizon. The clouds were moving very fast, putting out the stars in their path. The two girls ran inside the castle when it began to rain.

Inside the dimly lit castle, Celeste noticed strange new boxes hanging from the high ceilings, but it was too dark to see what they were, when suddenly the clock struck midnight. The chime from the clock sung throughout the entire castle, but nothing happened. 

"Electrician!" the king's voice boomed, "I thought you said you would be finished by midnight! I wanted to surprise my daughter!"

Another voice that neither Emily nor the princess recognized answered: "Almost finished, my lord! My apologies."

Celeste looked up at the strange boxes in horror.

"There we go." The electrician's voice rang triumphantly through the castle's dark hallways...and the entire castle was struck with blinding white lightning. But it wasn’t lightning; it was hundreds of fluorescent light fixtures, casting their harsh white light into every corner of the castle.

Emily covered her eyes against the brightness. She heard a piercing scream come from beside her where Celeste had been standing. When her vision had adjusted enough to open her eyes, Emily saw that the princess had vanished.

Then the lights flickered and, as suddenly as they had turned on, they went out, casting the entire kingdom into complete and utter darkness.

The End

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