It Was a Trap

Meanwhile, the king had found a worthy electrician who had agreed to upgrade the castle’s lighting system for a reasonable price. But the king was unaware that this was a trap! The electrician was really Prince Doug in disguise!

The prince, you see, had been badly spoiled as a child (and, I suppose, as an adult as well) – he was accustomed to having anything and everything that he wanted. When the king had told him that he couldn’t have Princess Celeste, he had thrown a tantrum that would put a two-year-old to shame. After the Prince had finished whining and blubbering, he devised a plan to kidnap the princess (with his mother's help, of course).

Prince Doug consulted his mother using a magic communicator in the form of his boot. Just outside the castle gate, he leaned on his horse to remove his left boot and held it to his ear like a telephone.

"Mother," he whined, pathetically, "they sent me back... Yes, I remembered to be polite... No, I wasn't even allowed to meet her."

Prince Doug's pouty expression was succeeded by an evil grin. "Excellent idea, Mommy," he laughed, maliciously. He slid his foot back into his boot, nearly falling over in the process. "Servant!" he called. A weasel of a servant came to his aid. "Tie my boot," Demanded the prince. "And bring me the disguising potion that my mother packed for me along with my lunch. By the way, do you know how to set up fluorescent lights?"



“Would it please you to have fluorescent lights, my lord?” the electrician-who-was-really-a-prince asked the king. “They are most energy efficient – it would save tax money, so that you could take less from your faithful subjects.”

King Edward thought this sounded very reasonable. “Very well,” Edward agreed, “I suppose my daughter will be pleased that they are better for the environment.”

The electrician-prince had a gift for electric wiring. He worked very fast, with a mischievous glint in his eye. He promised the king that there would be fluorescent light in every corner of the castle by midnight. The king was delighted at the chance to see the princess’ happy surprise at the beautifully lit castle when the clock struck twelve.

The End

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