The Castle


“Yes, sweetheart?”

“That can’t be the end,” Emily complained. “There wasn’t any magic or swordfights or kissing or anything!”

“Right you are, Emmy. The truth is, Prince Doug didn’t leave. But before we go into that there is something you need to know about the castle.

The castle was very old and huge and beautiful, and, like I said before, very expensively furnished. It was situated on a hilltop where its magical stone towers could be seen from anywhere in the kingdom. Because it was so old, however, it didn’t have any electricity or plumbing, and there are two major problems with that. For one thing, without plumbing, there are no toilets, and so the royal family had to pee in pots and then the servants would dump the pots into the moat. The second problem is that during the night, the rooms would be very dark and spooky, lit only by flickering torches and candles. So King Edward had very wisely decided to hire an electrician to put in some electric lighting. He would also eventually have to hire a plumber to put in some toilets, but that was stage two of the renovation project.

 Oh, there is one more thing you should know. The castle, the entire kingdom, and everyone in it were protected by magic of the oldest and strongest kind.

Now, back to the story. Right after the King left Celeste alone in the gardens to tell off the impudent Prince Douglas, the princess heard something very strange - more specifically, a voice. It seemed to come from nowhere at all, and it said, very clearly, “Don’t get fluorescent lights.”

The End

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