The Magic Princess Story

This is a short story I handed in for my creative writing class. I wanted to write a story with some magic and adventure, and this is what became of that desire. Since it's my first story on Protagonize, and since I've already finished it, I'd prefer to keep it solo. But I'm open to suggestions.

Emily’s bedroom was illuminated solely by the warm yellow glow from the lamp on the nightstand beside her bed.

“Goodnight, Emily,” whispered Emily’s father, slowly shutting the door behind him.

“Daddy,” a voice came from the mound of stuffed animals and blankets, “you didn’t tell me a story yet.”

Daddy sighed, the lines on his forehead deepening. He left the door open and came to sit beside his daughter on the bed. Suddenly, as if turned on by a switch, his face brightened with mischief. “What kind of story will it be tonight?”

“One about magic!” exclaimed Emily, hungrily, sitting up in bed.

“Magic again?”

“And a princess.”

“An ugly princess?”

“No. A beautiful one.” Emily folded her thin arms stubbornly across her chest, frowning.

Her father chuckled. “Alright, alright.” He repositioned himself on the edge of the bed. Emily lay back down, propping her head up with her hand to face her father.

The End

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