I sat in the shadows, and waited. The hunters were coming, I knew it was only a matter of time till they tracked me here. But I waited non-the-less. Humans fascinated me, and I was in the perfect position to watch crowds of them rush past the high street.

They moved like a school of fish, flowing through the tide of people. Everyone of them were unique, even if they didn't own any magical abilities. People of my kind hated them, but I couldn't. If anything, I pitied them. Life without magic, is like ... a plant with no petals. It's still a plant and can still be beautiful, but there's no colour. 

I stood up straight and hitched my backpack over my shoulders. The hunters were near I could feel it. Rain began to fall and I smiled. Rain made life seem so much more fresh. 

Stepping into the crowd, I followed it along keeping my head down. I feared someone grabbing my arm, realising what I was. I could not be caught. I would not be caught. 

After a while, a small alleyway to the left of me came into view. I turned down it, making sure no one was looking and once again found myself in the shadows. Wonderful. 

The rain was still falling, and my clothes hung tight to my body. I should have been cold, but I'd already set a charm to keep the air around me heated. 

I couldn't stay here. I refused to sleep in the back-streets like a common rat. But where else was there? 

The End

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