Wolfgang- but without a gang

The whispers and sniggers hit my like tiny charms. Gnawing at my ego and burrowing their way, longing for me to blush and crumble. Stupid Humans. So bitter and uncultured. Just because one item on my person was different, abnormal, I was viewed as an outsider. Even by human standards I was outcast. First the wizards, now the lowest known race. Maybe I was just destined to be an outcast.

I was packed on a busy high street, surrounded by humans, unmagical swine. It was ghastly just to be with them, but safe all the same. The crowd let out a universal groan as the area was shrouded in mild darkness. Humans shrugged it off as a cloud crossing over the sun. They didn't know how wrong they were. When a wizard is killed, the clouds themselves move over the sun allowing the body to dissapear into darkness. This meant bad news for me. Very bad news. The witch hunters were close by, and blood thirsty.

I turned down a little path full of overweight grannies nervously browsing the closing shops. This path was thining out as I headed into deeper, more dangerous areas. Humans who hid behind weapons blended into shadows and prepared to pounce. Mediocre ambushes that I could brush away like a speck of dust. This seemed a suitable place to camp for the night and collect my thoughts.

I wasn't alone in this war-torn world, I was sure of a least five other wizards and witches out there...well four now. Wand gripped tightly in my hand, I performed a 'Chameleon Charm', blended into the brick wall and discarded litter and quickly fell asleep.

The End

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