The Magic of Primark

A group of young magicians are on the run from a group of fierce hunters, intent on seeking out and destroying every mythical creature.
The witches and wizards hide in an abandoned shopping mall in England- Lakeside. All shops are fully stocked and it would be a haven for anyone.
But will the Hunters find them?

Rain crashed to the ground, pelting down on the soaked floor. The dark nights sky loomed ahead, glaring at me as I walked down the streets of London. I was alone that night, and the streets I walked were bare and empty; abandoned. No sounds, no people; no life. No one was here to inhabit these streets. I looked down at the deep gash along my side. Wincing, I leant on the wall, as if I'd given up.

The rain had soaked my brown hair, and annoying droplets of water fell from the hair and onto my boxy nose. I glanced around, scouring the streets for soldiers. I was alone so far; well, as far as my eyes could see.

It was a close call, and I had to be careful around here. The Hunters were ruthless...

The End

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