The Magic Lily

Heather starts experiencing weird things, as she moves to California to live with her grandparents, on their estate. She learns that she is at the center of something much bigger than her own small plans for her life.


   It was an algid night, Féadfaidh na Bealtaine, also known as the first of May. The full moon’s light cast an almost eerie glow on the quiet landscape. Gentle, lulling waves were lapping softly at the shore. The forest bordering the coast was still, except for the slow swaying branches in the warm California breeze.

   Now what does this have to do with our story? Listen. Do you hear that? Putta putta putta.Yes that; listen close. Patta patta patta patta. That is the sound of a person walking through the forest that borders the beach. Putta patta putta patta. Hear them quicken? That is not any ordinary humans feet. You see, that, is a leprechaun; The Leprechaun of Carna Astickeen. Patta patta putta putta patta patta putta putta. What is he doing? Why, he is taking a very profound measure to guard the Tar Éis Lorg Lómhara, or its more common name, Todhchaí Lómhara. Pitta patta pitta patta pitta patta. Oh, but pots of gold aren’t the only treasures of a leprechaun. No, this little, if you may, wee one, was sent on a task by the Tuatha de Danaan. If you were to look at him, you would see that he was carrying a parcel. But if you were to look closer, you would see nothing in his arms at all. Why? Because it is draped within an Duaithníocht cloak. Now, let’s venture into his thoughts.

   Get it to safety. Get it to safety. Get it to safety. Get it to saf-


   -ety. Get the future of all to safety.

He stopped.

    A human road.

If you didn’t know, leprechauns hate concrete and anything likewise.

    I better get it over with.

He crossed the road and ran up to the door of his destination, upon which he rapped a complex code. Slowly, it creaked open, just enough to let him in. Hours later, he stepped out into the warming air.

I must now go the the Hall of the Tuatha de Danaan. I have accomplished the task set before me.

SNAP! A soft rustle followed.

    Oh Cernunnos.

He was gone.

The End

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