The end of the school day arrived and Serenela met Refinas hyper form just ont side the parking lot.

"What's up with you? You are kind of happy." Serenela exclaimed as the began to head of.

"Yeah. Mum showed me a new spell last night. It can make objects around you come to life!" Regina said excitedly.

"Awsome!" Serenela replied. "But don't you think we should finish yesterday's spell. Make sure we can do it?" she then asked.

"Yup. But after that we are going to try that one." Regina confirmed. Serenela rolled her Dark Brown eyes in exasperation. "This morning you were talking about five different spells we have to try tonight."

"Well we can manage." Regina told her, sounding overly confident.

"Okay then." Serenela sounded doubtful.

Just then, they reached the park. It is a small green area surrounded by trees. The green grass is soft and cushiony if you just stand nice and quiet, you can hear birds singing to them selves and insects running through the leaves of the woods. and no mortal can enter because of the spells Serenela put up a couple years ago.

"Let's begin." Regina said, "you start."

Serenela centered herself. Allowing the smells, sights and sounds to drift away util all she could hear or sense was the calm beating of her heart.

"Hic in silvis animalia venis. quiescunt. latus meum." She said. From The forest out hopped rabbits, out flew birds, out crawled insects, out crawled any creature from within. They made a ring around the girl and sat to look at her.

"Try the spell to make them speak!" pleaded Regina.

"Fine," was Serenelas reply, "Linguam tuam intellegant. fac me intelligere. te dicere mutationem voicebox ro english." a blue light flew from Serenelas outstretched hands. It went into the mouths of all the animals around her.

"What did she do?" A rabbit asked the other.

"I don't know but my throat is sore."

"Awsome! It worked!" Regina cried out.

"What worked?" A Robin asked suspiciously.

"You are speaking English!" Regina told it.

"No I am not. I am speaking birdese." The bird argued.

"Sumus fun. Iam si vos revertatur solebant." Serenela said. The blue light vanished from around the animals and they all turned back, as one, into the wood.

"What did you do that for?" Regina complained.

"It's your turn." Serenela told her.

"Okay." Refina replied, brightening up.

* * *

"So. Did you have fun?" Regina's mother asked them as they arrived back at the house.

. "Yep. We are going to do the spell you showed us tomorrow. We are too tired." Regina answered. The two of them went upstairs to their shared bedroom.

"We really need to start on fighting spells." Regina continued an earlier argument.

"You know how I feel about fighting. No." Serenela answered the exact same way as always."

"How are you going to win if you don't know how to fight?" Regina complained.

"How I always do, instinct." Serenela said in a let's-finish-this-argument tone.

"I am not going to let you go into battle without any proper training." Regina said.

The End

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