11 years later.Mature

Rose flicked her long, bright red hair out of her face and walked into the school. Her best friend, Regina, was walking right next to her.

Today is her 16th birthday and Regina was worried. They both new the prophecy. They both knew what it would mean and they only had a year left.

Robert came up to Serenela and kissed her on the lips.

"Happy Birthday Serenela love," he said.

"Get a grip. We are in public." Regina sighed but she rolled her eyes. Serenela and Robert had been together for two years already. He also knew the prophecy and knew Serenela was the one.

"It's my girls birthday. I don't care if we were on live tv." Robert grinned. He reached into his large blue backpack and brought out a small parcel.

"Robert. I told you not to." Serenela complained as Robert forced the package in her hands.

She rolled her brown eyes and carefully took the paper apart. Inside was a dark blue box to match Roberts eyes. She opened the box and inside was a heart shaped locket. It was sitting on a very fine gold chain and on it were the words;

'Forever in my heart. Forever in my soul.'

"Robert! This is beuatifull!" Serenala gasped. He took it out the box and went around behind her and placed her hair out the way. He put the necklace on her and, coming back around, he opened it. In it was two pictures. One of him and her and the other of Martin and Galina Rose.

"Oh god. How did you do this?" Serenela gasped but, before he could reply, the bell for the beginning of school went. He gave her a long kiss on her lips and then ran of to his class.

Regina dragged Serenela to their class where they were bombarded by everyone trying to give Serenela their presents.

"We going to practice at the park again tonight?" Regina asked her quietly. Serenela nodded and then was hidden from Regina's view.

The End

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