Fitht birthday presentMature

Worry and pain showed on Martin Roses' face as he stared at his five year old daughter sleeping peacefully in bed... Or floating a meter above it.

His wife came in and looked sadly at her daughter. 

"This is it isn't it?" she asked him, a single tear falling down her left cheek. 

"Yes. She is a very powerful girl. We must do this to protect her. We knew this when she was born," Martin replied. He turned to see his wife crying. He put his arms around her and prepared. 

"Sicut sacrificium tibi dare Serenela Rose eius potentiis quinque animas nostras." He said the words he had memorized as did his wife. 

"As a sacrifice to give Serenela Rose her powers we give you our lives." They then repeated the phrase in English. 

They went over to their sleeping daughter and each took a hand. They felt their souls being drawn away from them and into the child. 

"We will always love you darling," She said  before collapsing to the floor a few seconds later Martin followed creating a loud crash which woke up the young witch.

She looked from her mother to her father and then screamed. A scream so loud and powerful and filled with pain, that all glass within a half mile any direction shattered. The girls brown eyes flashed yellow and then she collapsed, sobbing, onto her bed.

The End

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