The Call

Tamerlane assists in finding kidnappers, using an unlikely source.

“Isn’t that sad?”

I was sitting against Nettie’s ottoman, a book in my lap, my side to the TV.  I sighed and looked up at Nettie, who was in the kitchen area of her apartment, chopping up something for dinner tonight.

“What is?”

“Somebody kidnapped a little girl.”

“Yeah, sad.”  I had nothing to do with it, so I returned my attention to my trashy romance novel.  It’s a vice of mine, what can I say?

“Tam, can’t you do anything about that?”

“I’m a witch, not a super hero.”

“You said you can find lost things.”

I gave up all hope of finding out if Mason was going to punch his rival Lorcan in the mouth for saying those horrible words about his girl Haleigh.  I closed the book with a snap.  “It’s not that easy.”

“What do you need?”

I sighed again.  “Nettie, you’re not my pimp.”

“Maybe if you do this enough times, you can do it for a living.”

“I don’t do this to get paid, you know.”

“That’s okay, they’re no reward.  Yet.”  She grinned at me.

“By the gods,” I said disgustedly, getting up.  Her auburn hair was pulled back, plaited into a French braid.  She looked kind of cute.  I wondered what she saw in me, other than a good friend.  Maybe she was trying to be my pimp.

“If you really must know,” I said, snatching a carrot from the rounds that she had sliced, “I need something that was part of her, a pendulum, and possibly a Horary chart or a spell.”

“A horny chart?”  Nettie giggled.

“No!  Horary!  It’s a special astrology chart that helps find things.”

“Oh, why didn’t you say so?”  She kept watching the news channel, now seeing a desperate mother on the screen begging that whoever found her darling Rayna, please, please, PLEASE return her.  No charges would be brought against them (Yeah, right, I thought, like she had a choice in that matter).  No questions asked.  Ransom would be paid, just please…

“Oh, shut that off, will you, please?”

“Don’t you care?”

“Nettie, what am I going to do, walk in there and say, ‘Hi, I’m a witch, I can locate your daughter’?”

“Why not?”

I stammered, “Why not?  Do you have any idea why not?  Do you know how that sounds, even to you?”

“But Tam, you don’t look like you’re the type of guy to scam anyone.”

She was a Cancer with Pisces rising.  They were notorious for being too trusting.    So all I had to do was give her The Look, and she said, “What?  What?”

Her phone rang.  She stopped chopping, leaving the carrots unattended, and answered it.  “Hello.  Hi, Aunt Wendy!  Yes, it’s horrible – oh, it is?  I didn’t know – well, of course.  Yes.”  She turned and looked steadily at me.  She suddenly grinned.  “Can I bring a friend?  He’s harmless – yes, he knows.  Of course I will.  Yes, thanks auntie.  See you in an hour!”  She hung up, and then bounded over to me, like a dog with a slimy tennis ball in its mouth.

“What’s going on?” I said.

She scooped the veggies into a plastic bag.  “No stir fry for you – sandwiches.  You’re coming with me to see the Blackbourns.”

“Who are they?”

“The ones whose daughter got kidnapped!  The mom’s sister is Aunt Wendy’s best friend.  We’re both going over there.”

“Oh, are you kidding me?”

“Want to stop at your apartment and get anything?”

Well, I guess I had to go draw up a horary chart.  “I’ll be right back,” I said, another disgusted sigh in my voice.

The End

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