The Mafia & IMature

18 year-old Heidi Chester had a deadly premonition that this would happen: being held hostage with her family by Secreto, a powerful and secretive Mafia gang. But she didn't know the details: Having a one-night stand with the handsome Mafia underboss in order to stay alive, and gradually falling for him without knowing. This is a story about a forbidden relationship, and the dangers that lurked within.


Heidi was trying her best not to puke as the Mafia gang walked past. One of the men pointed a gun directly into her father’s forehead, and she caught her breath. She hadn’t been feeling very well since the restaurant guests in that particular guest room, including her and family, were held hostage a couple of minutes ago. Some of the Italians were still keen on calling the police, but after the Mafia leader shot the restaurant manager right after they entered, nobody dared to say a thing.  She looked at her father. Fortunately, the Mafia member was just having his own fun, and was satisfied when he saw the forty year-old man looking all petrified.

She closed her eyes. She knew this would happen. Heidi Chester had some sort of premonition about this. She had tried to warn her family about going for this vacation trip to Italy, but nobody was keen to listen to her. And now…Heidi swallowed as she felt the bile coming up her throat. She always felt like throwing up when she was nervous. Now she was really nervous. Because she knew they were going to die, with the restaurant staff and the rest of the guests. Firstly, they were using silencers. And secondly, the restaurant staff was informed to not let anyone from the other guest rooms know.

“How long are we going to keep them here, Boss?” A voice asked. Heidi looked up curiously, because that was the question bobbing in her head all these time. 

The Boss chuckled deeply as he sat down and lit up a cigarette. Heidi didn’t like that man the most. From his looks, you could tell he was someone who had experienced probably thousands of killings and kidnaps. He was someone of much danger.

“As long as our dear owner of the restaurant, Mr. Francis, doesn’t pay me back whatever he owes me,” the leader flicked his hand dismissively and chuckled again, “these people would be dead by tomorrow.”

Hushed whisperings grew in the crowd, and the Boss roared. “Silence!”

The atmosphere was back to being tense. Heidi and her family had not spoken since they were held hostage. And Heidi didn’t feel like speaking too. The 18 year-old teenage girl was afraid. Very afraid.

“As I said, no one messes with Secreto, but the man chose not to listen.” The Boss continued and scanned his eyes through the crowd warningly. Heidi’s body tensed. Secreto. It was the name of their mafia gang. It was a powerful mafia organisation, and the members were so cruel they could do anything to their victims. Heidi shivered, and tried not to think about that.

“These people are innocent, you shouldn’t do this,”

Heidi froze. That voice…was she just imagining things? No way. It was her cousin’s voice. Her cousin, Charlotte Webber, had already been missing from home since four months ago. Everyone had tried desperately to find her, but to no avail. Now, she was back in front of Heidi’s eyes, here in Italy. She would really want to cry tears of happiness seeing Charlotte again, but at that scenario, Heidi knew it wouldn’t be the best reaction to have. Meanwhile, there were also thousands of questions in her head. Why was Charlotte actually with the Mafia gang? She knew her twenty-five year-old cousin went to pubs often, and acted like a fool outside with her boyfriends, but she knew Charlotte Webber wouldn’t actually be involved with the Mafia.

Heidi tried to get a closer look of her cousin. All the people held hostage were in kneeling positions on the floor, among the tables and chairs in the restaurant. From the corner of a chair, Heidi peeked. Her cousin seemed to be in good shape. She was carrying a branded handbag, and was wearing high heels and a long silk gown. She looked like a rich lady, someone who was going to attend a formal occasion. What shocked her most was how the Boss treated her. She actually knew it was coming, seeing Charlotte dressed in all rich and splendour, but it still shocked the eighteen year-old deeply.

“You know I’ve killed too many innocent people to count with, darling. And didn’t I ask one of my men to not let you in?” The Boss actually addressed Charlotte Webber as his “darling” and actually held her by the waist, to let the woman come closer to him.

“I’m worried about you, dear,” She purred into his ear, and the Boss chuckled.

“I’ll forgive him then,” he whispered back. It wasn’t much of a whisper, since Heidi could actually hear him. Heidi changed her position from kneeling to squatting on the floor. She wanted to see more of Charlotte Webber and the Boss of the mafia gang. She didn’t know what got into her. Probably she was just curious, or probably she thought she stood a chance of being one of the survivors since Charlotte doted and treated her just like a younger sister. But she squatted on the floor nonetheless, and tried to see more of what was going on.

That was when Charlotte Webber dropped her handbag in shock and stared right in Heidi’s direction.

“Heidi!” She gasped in shock. That caught the Boss’s attention, as he looked at the eighteen year-old. 

“Very well, darling. You have given us the name of the first person we can shoot at,” Two men walked up to Heidi Chester and grabbed her up by the arms. She was soon standing face to face with the Mafia boss and her very own cousin. Heidi felt her stomach churning, and she bit her lip nervously. She was soon going to die. She looked back at her parents and little brother, who were staring right at her with the most terrified expressions ever. A tear dripped down from her mother’s eye.

“Look at me, little girl,” The deep voice of the Mafia boss shook Heidi out of her terrified thoughts and she swiftly turned around to come face to face with the strong man of much power.

“Please, please don’t kill her!” Charlotte was exclaiming from a distance. The Mafia boss grabbed Heidi’s chin and forced her to look directly into his eyes. Heidi shivered.

“And why is that so?” The Mafia boss still did not break away from looking into Heidi Chester’s eyes. There was venom in his voice. Heidi didn’t like that, not at all.

“She’s my…she’s my cousin, dear! Please,” Charlotte was begging as she ran over to the Boss, grabbing him by the arm. The Boss finally broke away and turned to Heidi’s cousin. Heidi could see his expression softened as he stared at Charlotte. He finally let go of his tight grip on Heidi’s chin and pushed Heidi roughly towards Charlotte.

Charlotte smiled. “Thank you, dear-” But she was silenced by the Boss’s death glare.

“We should see what to do with your cousin later. I promised to kill every single one of the people here if Mr. Francis doesn’t react…and I never break my promises.” He turned and swiftly walked out of the restaurant, while his men bowed as he left.

Heidi felt herself collapsing any moment if not of Charlotte holding onto her. She was going to die. Everyone was going to die. Heidi saw some men, dressed in the same formal attire as the Boss, sitting on one big restaurant dining table a short distance away. They must be the men of higher rank in Secreto. Heidi couldn’t help but to look directly at every one of them. She wanted to remember their faces, so she could actually distinguish them out of crowds of people next time, if she did survive. They were murderers, all murderers.

“Heidi, look at me.” Charlotte whispered.

“You want to survive, don’t you?”

Heidi shook her head. “There’s no chance of surviving,” She could feel tears prickling in her eyes.

“There is. Listen to me, Heidi. I don’t want you to die,” Charlotte’s voice was that of much exasperation. It was as if time was running out for Heidi to survive. And Heidi knew secretly that it was. But she couldn’t help but to feel a flicker of hope in her heart when she heard what her cousin said.


“Heidi…do you see the people over there? They are the powerful members in Secreto,”

“I know that,” Heidi replied, eyeing those men at the table closely.

They will be interested in you,”

Heidi froze. “What do you mean by that...?” Her eyes widened as she realised what Charlotte meant.

“Yes, Heidi. You know what I’m trying to say. Get close to one of them. Try to win his attention.


“And there might be chances that you will live longer. If he’s interested, he will bring you back to the Secreto residence for one night. If you don’t impress him, you will be finished off the next day.”

Heidi gulped. She couldn’t believe she was actually so desperate for survival. “If I do…?”

Charlotte gave a tiny smile. “Then you will become his Mafia Princess.”

There was a moment of silence, before Heidi shook her head furiously. “I can’t do it…I’ve never had sex before…I can’t,”

“They like virgins. So you stand a higher chance than any other girls. I have seen many girls being killed by them before, and yes, I agree it’s hard. I’ve never seen them survive for more than a week with those men. But this is your only hope. Remember that.”

Heidi looked at Charlotte, and then nodded her head bitterly. “What about my family?”

Charlotte took a deep breath and put her hands on Heidi’s shoulders. She then shook her head. “I’m sorry…but there’s no way they can survive. This is not a package deal; it can only save your life, not theirs. Understood?”

Heidi closed her eyes and nodded again. She was truly selfish. But she wanted to survive so much, she didn’t know why herself. Probably she was too young to die. She was still a pure teenage girl, without any contact with sex, pubs and beer. She was too young. She could feel tears stinging her eyes again. I’m sorry, she thought silently as she peeked at her family members through the corner of her eye. I’m truly sorry.

“Now go,” Charlotte whispered.

Heidi took a deep breath, and eyed the group of men. She approached them cautiously. She knew the men who looked as if they were fifty or forty were out of her list. She needed someone who would be interested…probably someone young. Then Heidi Chester spotted a man drinking his glass of wine silently. He was around maybe only nineteen to twenty years of age, and gorgeous-looking. His sleeves were rolled up, and from his white shirt, Heidi could see his perfectly-toned body.

Hey,” Heidi purred as seductively as possible, sitting herself at an empty chair next to the young man. She could see the other men around the table eyeing her closely, but Heidi tried to shake them out. She was going to do this. In order to survive, it was a must.

The man said nothing. Heidi moved closer to the young man, and moved her hands down his chest. “Why are you ignoring me?” She whispered into his ear closely.

The man smirked. His hand moved to the gun situated on the table.

“You know what you’re doing, don’t you?” He said. His voice had a deep, strong edge to it; just like the Boss.

Heidi gulped as the young man stroked his gun, but she tried to regain her composure.

I do,” She said softly and bit the man’s ear. She could feel the young man’s body tensed. She took in a deep breath. She just had to finish it off now.


“Are you feeling tense, hm?” Heidi continued, and settled herself on top of the young man, sitting on his legs. She bit his ear again gently. He growled deeply, and his hands suddenly moved towards Heidi’s waist. He tightened his grip on her tightly as he looked at her intensely. Heidi froze. She didn’t expect that. But she decided to play along. She knew that was the right thing to do now. The young man buried his face in her chest, and started raining deep kisses down her bare neck. Heidi flinched and bit her lip, then remembered her mission. She let out a soft moan to urge him on. The man growled and bit on her neck. It was her very first love bite, and it was from someone who only wanted her body and nothing else.

“It seems like you enjoy Charlotte’s cousin’s presence, William.” The Boss’s voice rang from a few metres away, and Heidi turned to see the Mafia leader looking right at them, his expression that of much amusement.

Heidi moved out from her position, and stood up. She bowed her head low in front of the Boss. She could feel his eyes roving around her body, staring at her from head to toe.

He then held out his gun.

“No, don’t!” Charlotte exclaimed.

The Boss smiled back at her. “Relax, my dearest. It all depends on William.” He then turned to the young man, who had already stood up and had arms folded across his chest. “So, my dearest brother…to live, or not to live?” He had already pointed the gun directly at Heidi’s forehead, and she closed her eyes, being prepared for the final moment.

The young man smirked at his older brother’s choice of words.

“To live.”

Heidi opened her eyes, and stared right at William. He looked right back at her with his sky blue eyes and utterly blank expression. He was indeed gorgeous. But just like his older brother, there was something about him that told people that he was not someone simple to deal with.

 Heidi Chester heard the Boss laughed, and Charlotte let out a huge sigh of relief.  She still couldn’t believe it. She was allowed to live; she actually did it successfully. From being the unluckiest from the hostages, she became the luckiest, just like that.

“Well, well, what an unexpected happy ending. You are coming with us then,” The Boss said smoothly, before walking directly downstairs and out of the restaurant, with Charlotte in tow.

“Where am I going?” Heidi couldn’t help but ask.

“To the Secreto residence.” William replied, still staring at the eighteen year-old intensely. Heidi blinked, surprised that he had actually reply her, and nodded her head.

“What about the hostages, Boss?” one of the men approached the group and asked. The Boss only waved his hand dismissively.

Kill them all…just joking. Keep them here till I give instructions.” He whispered menacingly, and laughed again. The man chuckled softly, before nodding his head and giving instructions to the others. Heidi stared at Charlotte with horrified eyes. She could feel all the butterflies in her stomach, and she felt like vomiting again. Charlotte only gave her a sad look and nodded bitterly.

Heidi looked among the crowd of hostages and saw her whole family staring right at her. A weird sensation aroused in her. They had witnessed the whole procedure. Heidi gulped, and gave a small farewell wave.

I’m sorry,” she mouthed.

“Come on Heidi, it’s time to go,” Charlotte Weber smiled at her eighteen year-old cousin. She took Heidi’s hand and led her out of the restaurant. Heidi couldn’t help but kept looking back. She bit her lip as she thought of all the fun things she had actually done with her family members in Italy. All the sweet memories started flickering in her mind. As Charlotte led her into the car, where she sat side by side with William, Heidi felt tears streaming down her cheeks. The chauffeur closed the car doors, and proceeded to driving off.

There was silence in the car. Then a sob came from Heidi. More sobs continued, and even the chauffeur turned to stare at the young girl. Charlotte shook her head at her cousin, and reached over to hold her hand.

“You will get over it, Heidi…don’t cry,”

Heidi only nodded and said nothing. She closed her eyes and tried to drive those thoughts away. She was entering a whole new place now. She was bidding farewell to her precious family, and it was her own choice. So she shouldn’t cry, not at all. She wiped away her tears, and forced a smile on her face. She knew she might still die tomorrow, if William wasn’t impressed with the night they will spend together. There might be a chance to join her family members in Heaven, a high chance. She was a virgin. She had no experience. How could she possibly impress the Mafia boss’s younger brother?

They reached the Secreto residence a few minutes later. It was a road, where several mansions were situated closely together. The car stopped at the biggest mansion, and the chauffeur led them out. Heidi knew this was the main building; it was the grandest out of the rest. A high fountain stood in the centre, spraying water gracefully. The mansion itself reminded Heidi Chester of the White House. It was probably even bigger and grander than the White House. After all, it was owned by the Secreto.

The maids greeted all of them as soon as the doors opened. It was like a red carpet walk, with the men bowing at each of them. Heidi could make out some hushed whispers and gasps of surprise when they saw her. They reached the main hall, and the Boss sat on the biggest armchair of all. One of the men brought him a cup of hot coffee. Heidi was surprised at how these men would actually want to work for a Mafia gang. Probably they had also bid their last farewells with their families, just like her.

“Give her what she needs,” William said, and pointed a finger at Heidi Chester. A few maids seemed to understand that, and nodded quickly. Charlotte rose from her armchair beside the Boss, and went over to her cousin.

“The maids are going to let you do some cleaning up in the guest room toilets. It will be very simple and neat, and you won’t be wearing a nightgown unless William gives instructions. Just wrap yourself up in the bathrobe provided, and they will lead you to William’s bedroom. You will need to stay there and wait for him; don’t go anywhere else.” Charlotte explained in full detail, and Heidi nodded silently.

Then she shook Heidi’s hand. “Lastly…good luck, my dearest cousin,” She smiled. William smirked at hearing that, and Heidi bit her lip and nodded. Before long, the maids arrived, and Heidi followed them upstairs.

 “Thank you,” Heidi said as she took the bathrobe from the maids. They had already reached the guest room toilets, which looked like one from a five-star hotel suite. Heidi wondered how much money did the Secreto gang actually owned.

“How long do you think she’s going to last?” Heidi heard one of them whispered to the other as they closed the doors. Heidi looked down bitterly. No girl had ever survived more than a week. But she was probably lucky, being able to sleep in bed with the handsome younger brother of the Mafia boss, rather than the other Mafia members. She sank herself into the bathtub, which was filled with beautiful flower petals floating on the waters. She bit her lip. She had to smell nice, and to look nice; all in order to entice William. This was her final preparation, and she nodded to herself as she scrubbed her slender arms.

Before long, Heidi Chester was perfectly ready. She sat nervously on William’s bed, tugging on her bathrobe. This was the most crucial moment; this would actually determine her survival. By the looks of it, no Mafia Princess of William had actually survived. She stared at the bed and the surroundings. This was the place where the other girls had had sex with William; and this was also most likely the place where they had died. And William could still sleep comfortably in the room, with all his childhood photos on the grand table, and his other belongings too. Heidi shivered at how cruel the Mafia leaders were. No man could actually sleep in the room without feeling guilty, she knew. But this was a Mafia leader. So obviously it would be different.

The room door suddenly creaked, and Heidi jumped up. In a few moments’ time, she and William would be having sex…she would be losing her virginity. Heidi gulped as she felt bile coming up in her throat again. Mixtures of feelings were overwhelming her deeply.  She took a deep breath.

“You are ready.” William said smoothly as he strode in. Heidi’s breath hitched. A few drops of water were still glistening on his chest as he wore his bathrobe. He was literally hot. William shook his wet hair to dry them off, and stared at Heidi from head to toe. Heidi took a step back. She already felt like she was being exposed in front of him.

William moved directly towards the bed, and sat down calmly. Heidi had her head held low. He stared at her. “You know, this is just a tiny step you took. You could die right the next morning.”


“Impressing me just now was easy for most girls. But impressing me now is harder,” He stood up and whispered in Heidi’s ear. She gulped, and only nodded.

 William smirked. “Not a very brave girl, are you? I’ve encountered girls the same age as you, and they actually do so much better. But of course, it’s not enough for me,”

Heidi gulped once more. She had already did something wrong.

William said nothing, but only sat down on the bed again and folded his arms in front of his well-built chest.

Now, show me what you’ve got.

Heidi took a deep breath, and let her bathrobe fall beneath her, exposing her bare body.

Heidi let William pinned her to the wall, and she bit her lip as he rained kisses down her neck to her chest.

“William,” She said her name. She could tell that he liked it, as he let out a deep growl and pushed her on to the bed.

Heidi closed her eyes. Yes, they were on the right track. She stared right at William, as he climbed on top of her. His chest was heaving, and she smiled at William, as if she was enjoying the process. She lifted her head to kiss William on the lips gently, and William responded deeply as he pushed her on to the bed again.

“You have a gentle style…I like that,” He said teasingly in to her ear and bit it. William looked at her; Heidi could tell he was enjoying her responses. He buried his face in the crook of her neck and planted love bites one by one. That was when Heidi felt William entering her body, and sharp jabs of pain ran through her. She gasped. He growled as he planted kisses on her collarbone, and continued. Heidi gasped again; it was too painful to endure. The pain came and went repeatedly. Heidi moaned. She knew William liked it. Then another sharp jab of pain ran through her.

That was when Heidi pushed William away. “No, don’t!” She cried out.

William stared at her in shock. “What?”

Heidi gasped as she realised what she did. She shook her head as tears streamed down her cheeks.

“It’s too painful…no,” She whispered softly.

William continued staring at Heidi for a few minutes. He was completely stunned. He stared right at the girl who was still crying at that moment, her tear-streaked face showing so much innocence and pain. She was the one who offered herself, and now she was crying and asking him to stop. No girl had ever dared to do that to William before.

“Fine. We shall sleep then.” William said. And without even giving Heidi Chester a glance, he turned over and lied down on the pillows. His hand reached over to the lamp and flicked it off. Then, there was complete darkness and silence.

Heidi only stared into the darkness as she sat up, tears continuing to roll down her face. She had completed her mission. She had lost her virginity to William. It was all going well at the start. Heidi clenched her fists. Her body couldn’t endure more, because she was in too much pain. Why was she such a weakling? Now she had failed her mission, she was going to be killed soon…and she had left her family. She had made herself look like a slut in front of them. Heidi pulled the blankets closer to her, and started sobbing. She missed her family; she missed home.

“Are you crying?” William’s voice echoed in the dark room.

“I…no, I’m not. I’m s-sorry I disturbed you today, William. I…”

"Come over here." He said, and Heidi felt herself being yanked over towards the man. He wrapped one arm around her behind, touching everywhere he could. Heidi gulped.


"Keep quiet." There was the same dangerous tone he used when he first spoke to her that very day.

Heidi felt him entering her body again. She gasped. He was doing it harder than before.

"!" Heidi exclaimed and her voice sounded throughout the huge but lifeless room.

The younger brother of the Mafia gang smirked.

"That's the way I like it. Hear that, little virgin?" William said before rolling over and turning away from Heidi's view.

Heidi stared at William's back in utter silence. The tears came more greatly after William did it hard on her. William's muscles on his bare back and arms made ripples on his body. Heidi shook her head. She was going to be killed the next morning, there was no doubt about that. She couldn't believe that guy was actually only nineteen or twenty. He was cruel. Too cruel for his young age.

 Heidi closed her eyes and went in to her own dreamland out of exhaustion. It was a place where her family would always be with her, her virginity would never be lost, and where she had never met the Secreto's cruel underboss, William.


 William DiAngelo opened his eyes the next morning. He stared at the clock. 5.16am, it read. He stretched his body, that was when he felt two slender arms on his waist. He frowned. Which girl was it this time? If he couldn't remember, that meant finishing the girl off. And that would meant a lot of trouble cleaning up the room. He closed his eyes as he tried to recall the night before.

 "Don't go,"

Then William DiAngelo remembered. He remembered that voice; it belonged to that little annoying virgin who was in so much pain the night before.

 "Don't go," She repeated from behind, her voice as soft as a small whisper.

The nineteen year-old teenager sighed annoyingly. His hands went over to the girl's hands, and tried to pry them off his waist. But they wouldn't budge, and her grip only tightened.

"What's your problem?" William said through gritted teeth and pushed the girl away as he turned around. She only grabbed his arm tightly in response.

"Don't leave me Daddy," She said. William DiAngelo stared at the girl as a tear rolled down her face. A large pool of tears wet the bedsheets just under her face. That girl, whom William now remembered her name as Haley or Helen or Heidi, was crying even in her dreams. Did she really miss her family so much? She was the one who came to seduce him; she was the one who made the choice to leave her family members and who wanted to survive. So, William DiAngelo didn't understand. But of course he didn't, because he was a Mafia underboss.

William stared at her face as her eyelids fluttered. Before long, a pair of beautiful emerald orbs were staring back at him. He saw the girl's eyes moved over to where her hand was holding onto his muscular right arm.

The girl gasped and quickly retreated her hand away from him. She looked at him, and William could clearly see all the terror in her eyes. The girl gripped the blanket tightly around her body, and she retreated away from him, her head hung low just like the night before. Tears were welling in her eyes.

"You finally woke up."

Heidi stayed silent.

"Look at me." William grabbed Heidi's chin forcefully. He could hear her breath hitched.

"What do you want?" She whispered, her voice shaking.

"You are going to get killed today," William leant in closer to her, breathing in her ear.

He secretly smiled. He loved to see his victims get all so afraid hearing these news from him. Seeing how the girls take in deep breaths, begging him, pleading with all showed that he was having the upper hand, that he had won. He wouldn't be looked down, not anymore.


William was taken aback by that.

"Maybe I should let you enjoy the very last breakfast of your life...have a proper meal before you die," He said, regaining his composure.

"No. Do it now."


"I said, do it now!" She exclaimed. Tears streamed down her face as she shut her eyes tightly.

"Why is that so?"

"Because I regret everything that I chose to do yesterday. I realize how stupid and foolish and idiotic I was. I regretted coming here and abandoning my family. I regretted meeting you!" William waited for Heidi to continue, but it never came. The only sounds that came out from her mouth after that last sentence were sobs, and more sobs. So it was actually evident that she mostly regretted meeting him, the Mafia underboss.

"I hate you," He heard her whisper. He saw her looked up once, then looked down again, tears continue to stream down her face.

William gritted his teeth. No girl had ever said she hated him. No one had ever dared to not please him.

She was the first one.

 "Stop being a bitch and get some clothes on. We are heading down for breakfast." He said, and threw her clothes from the day before that the maids put in the wardrobe.

 "I don't want to." He could hear her utmost despair and determination.

"Then that's your problem."

Before long, the door was closed with a bang, and William was heading his way down to the dining room. Some of the maids were standing in a corner. They quickly moved away before William would really notice them, but they didn't know he already saw them from the corner of his eye. The usual gossiping was already a daily schedule for them.

He took in a deep breath. He knew it was about that annoying girl and him. As he thought about Heidi Chester, images of her sobbing started flickering through his mind. There was a heavy feeling in his heart. He didn’t know what it was, but there was that little voice calling out to him. It’s guilt, the voice whispered continuously. How could he feel guilty? That was utterly ridiculous, after the numerous killings and kidnapping he had done. But he couldn’t stop thinking about Heidi. She was unique, one of a kind. His thoughts suddenly flickered to the night before. Her face full of probably fear and confusion, her face pretending to keep a smile, her scent, her body…

"Good morning, William. Where's the adorable cousin of Charlotte's?" William’s older brother brought him out of his thoughts.

"She's up there."

"Oh, that’s interesting. Why didn't you ask her down?"

 "She didn't want to come down. It's not my problem."

"Are you going to...finish her off?" Charlotte asked in a hesitant voice. William could see his brother smirked.

There was a long moment of silence before he spoke.













The End

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