Its for my creative writing. Hope you like it I haven't writen in a while

I once was the richest mafia hit man in the world and now I’m living on the

streets moving crates for work and doing little jobs for the mafia, how stupid is that.

Well here is how it happened.

BANG BANG BANG!! I heard screaming and slamming against my door I

jumped up and grabbed my 45. out of my night stand and slipped the clip into it. I

stood in front of my door waiting for it to bust open. BOOM the door flew open I

was right about to fire when I saw Joe my best friend standing there with a baseball

bat. First of all I was screaming at him and chewing him out about braking down my

door. I calmed my self down and asked him what was wrong

“Vito you got to help me man,” Joe said,

I asked him what was wrong he said he made this bet and lost. Joe told Henry

the guy he cheated and Bob pulled a gun on Joe and Joe pulled his gun out and shot

him in the head and now a whole bunch of guys are after Joe either trying to get the

money and if that doesn’t work shoot him. 

“Well how much is the debt” I said

“$500,000 dollars”


“I didn’t mean to I thought I was gonna win” Joe said.

“Well obviously you didn’t you idiot”

“Come on you gotta help me Vito”

“Fine fine I’ll help you but you got to promise to give me the money back”

“I will I will”

“Good, let me go get the money at the bank you stay here and if the guys show up to

try to kill you, there’s some guns in my closet.

I walked outside and hopped into my car and drove to the bank. I walked in and got

$250,000. I put it in a paper sack and drove back home.

I walked into my house and handed the paper sack to Joe.

“Your the best friend ever Vito. Now I got to go give the money to the guys.”

“Okay I want that money by the end of the week.”

The end of the week came and now I was pretty much flat broke. I was waiting for

Joe at my house and he never showed up worst thing of all my bills were do that day

and if they weren’t paid they kicked me out of my house in a week the day was over

and I paid all the bills I could with the left over cash I still have.

I went to bed hoping Joe would come over tomorrow of course he didn’t I drove

over to his house and there was nobody there I opened his door and there was

nothing there just an empty apartment.

Some friend you are, I thought to myself. I went to my my friend Henry’s house. I asked him if he had seen Joe.

“Joe skipped town with the money you gave him he lied about the bet thing he told you about. He’s probably on his way to some big city or somethin like that.”

“That idiot some kind of friend he is.”

“Some jerk he is.” Henry said.

“Ya I know I don’t even know why he would do that I’ve been friends with him for all of my life we grew up together”

“Well thanks for the information Henry”

“Your welcome” Henry said.

I walked out of Henry’s wondering where to go now because its the end of the week and I can’t go back to my house because I didn’t pay my bills.

Years past of me living on the streets trying to make a little money for food. I eventually forgave Joe for stealing my money.

I was in the neighborhood where Joe used to live and I saw him hop out of a car in a suit and walk into his apartment. I walked over to him with and pushed him against the wall I held him there and asked him so questions.

“Where have you been for the past couple of years Joe”

"I was in New York payin of my debt and I decided to move there for a while when I was there. I had an apartment right across from central park it was awesome.”

“Oh I thought you skipped town with my money and left me on the streets to die. Well, at least that’s what Henry said.”

“Well Henry’s lying he’s always been a lier he was probably just making that up to try to get you mad or some stupid thing like that.”

“Oh well he’s a jerk, but anyways do you think I could stay at your apartment for a while till I get back on my feet and get enough money to get a house of my own again.”

“Ya sure, of course you can live here we grew up together and were best friends”


The End

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