The Madness of Black Butler 3.

Years after the two demons and masters, a new pair shows up in California. Enter the youngest,debonair, fierce demon Scarlet, and her grief-stricken master, Dominick. The demon will fight against the newest Grim Reaper, Todd, And his group while making sure her master will be one hell of a feast.

"Master, It is time to wake up." Scarlet walked into the bedroom, dressed in her regular, 'Goth' outfit, black slacks, black boots, and a long sleeve black t-shirt, a red sweatshirt over, her black glasses covering glowing blue eyes, her long red-blonde hair in a braid. "Do I Have to?" Dominick sighed, sitting up. "Sorry, My lord. It is your first day of school." the demon sighed. "Why aren't you coming too? you are the same age as me!" Dominick huffed. "I, my lord, have already been through school. and, I am not the same age as you." she hissed. "Now, Scarlet," he sighed, watching the girl pick out his outfit. Jeans, sneakers, and a black t-shirt. "This is stupid. I hate wearing this!" Dominick screamed, his eyes narrowed. "Please don't Raise your voice. get dressed, I will be waiting downstairs." she walked down the stairs and into the large living room.

"Fine, fine." Dominick got dressed, pulled out his phone, and walked downstairs after the one who would take his soul. "Good, good. you look.. nice." Scarlet tried to compliment the young boy, But failed miserably. "Walk me to school." Dominick growled. "Is that an order, my lord?" Scarlet asked. "Yes." Dominick replied.

"Very well."

The End

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